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10 tell-tale signs you’re a musical genius

10 tell-tale signs you’re a musical genius


1 – You’re constantly tapping your fingers

2- You accept ambitious musical challenges.

3 – When you go to a gig or club night, you stand around analysing how the music was made

4 – You can’t watch a live musical performance without feeling frustrated that you’re not on stage

5 – You’ve mastered the art of humming and beatboxing at the same time.

6- You’ve realised long ago that practically all music is the same song, just faster or slower.

7 – You hear a song once and immediately know how to arrange and notate it for a 50-piece orchestra

8 – You can play anything WITH anything.

9 – You’re always figuring out amazing harmonies and counter-melodies to your favourite songs.

10 – There’s so much music running through your head, it’s like you’re living in a film with a totally bad-ass soundtrack.

If you got 10 out of 10, CONGRATULATIONS: you’re a certified musical genius! You’d better phone your school or office and tell them that you won’t be coming in tomorrow… or ever again. You’ve got music in your veins, rhythm in your fingers and song on your tongue… what else matters? We’re fairly sure that landlords accept lyrics as deposits these days, and we’re pretty certain that a flamenco guitar serenade is one of the payment options at automated supermarket checkouts. Right?… Right?

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