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The Yamaha reface – here!

The Yamaha reface – here!

If you’ve not noticed anything about the Yamaha reface line yet, then here we go. Although, as discussions about the reface (and it definitely is supposed to be uncapitalised!) have been plentiful – thread on Gearslutz runs to 68 pages – it would perhaps be surprising if you hadn’t heard anything. But with the Yamaha reface due to officially launch in but a few hours, let’s take a quick look at what we can expect to see…

Yamaha reface CS synth

The Yamaha reface leaks!

It always helps when news of the product leaks a few days before the official launch, so let’s thank Create Digital Music, Gear Junkies and the eagle-eyed forum gurus of Gearslutz for keeping their eyes peeled and frantically copying details before the page was taken down.

yamaha reface rangeAs we might have expected, given Yamaha’s teaser angle since they made their first announcement, the reface line harks back to classic Yamaha products of yesteryear. The four products of the reface line give us a modern, portable take on the YC combo organs, the CP pianos, the CS line of synths and the legendary DX range of FM synthesisers.

As you’d expect from a family such as this, there are of course some common specifications: 37 mini keys, headphone out, MIDI in and out, 3.5mm auxilliary input, L(mono) + R outputs on 1/4″ TS sockets and USB connectivity. It also looks like you might get real portable operation on batteries, which is something that always seems to be high on the feature request list for these types of instrument. Combine that with the built-in speaker and this could be quite a cool little product…

But I’m sure you’re probably most interested in what each of these little guys is all about…

The Yamaha reface series

Starting with the reface YC, you get a choice of five types of organ including Hammond, Vox and Farfisa. The reface CP offers a choice of 6 keyboard types and 128-note polyphony so those note decays won’t be inappropriately truncated. The Yamaha reface CS is a strange one, with an AN synth engine, with 5 oscillator types and 8 note polyphony.

I’m going to give the Yamaha reface DX its own paragraph though. There is a bit of a shortage of hardware FM synths these days. Analogue, brilliant, you’ve got a choice of several small, affordable synths, less so in the FM world. With a 4 operator FM engine inside the box, and a screen/button combination that looks like it could be easier to get to grips with than the DX7, the reface DX could make itself a lot of friends…

Countdown to reface

As I hit the ‘publish’ button, there are under 7 hours to go until the official reveal. Stay tuned to this page and we’ll post updates and news here as we get it.

Red Dog Music will be at the official launch in London on Friday and we’ll bring you the latest info and our hands-on thoughts as soon as we get our hands on these things!

Yamaha reface dx

Countdown over!

The Yamaha reface line is here. Well, very nearly anyway. So, without further ado, let’s let Sonic State and Yamaha’s Bert Smorenburg talk us through the reface instruments and, unlike in perhaps too many product demos, we also get to hear a fair amount from them too…

The reface CS

The reface DX

The reface YC

The reface CP


With the Yamaha reface series looking like they’ll hit the shelves at £289 each, they look to offer a choice of great sounds for the money!

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