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The TC BodyRez – studio sound, plugged in

The TC BodyRez – studio sound, plugged in

Having an electro-acoustic guitar is so incredibly convenient, but when you plug it in, does it really sound its best? Probably not. Maybe you should try the new TC Electronic BodyRez pickup enhancer pedal…

Piezo vs microphone

TC BodyRez pedal
Whether recording at home with a microphone or in a room that doesn’t sound great, or taking your acoustic to the gig, simply plugging it in to your interface or the DI box on the stage is a very convenient way to get playing. Go to a studio however, and microphones are the way to go when you want the best sound from your acoustic.

What about if there was something that you could plug your acoustic guitar into, that would make it sound a bit more like there was more wood and air involved in the process, rather than just the often honky signal from that under-saddle pickup?

Well, there have been pedals before, but they’ve often been quite expensive, and/or offered sometimes too many options for tweaking your sound, when all you really wanted was to plug in and play.

Enter the TC BodyRez

With their new BodyRez pedal, TC Electronic have given electro-acoustic guitar players just that. In a simple to operate, true-bypass pedal, the TC BodyRez gives your piezo acoustic signal a bit more, well body resonance I suppose.

With the TC BodyRez, you just need to adjust the single knob to add in the effect to taste, and you’re done. Not only that, but the BodyRez also features the ability to polarity invert your signal with a stomp of the footswitch to help prevent feedback, and you also get a power supply included, so you’re good to go straight out of the box!

It’s a simple thing, it’s not going to turn your acoustic into an analogue polysynth or a physically modelled Appalachian dulcimer, but it’s not designed to. It’s designed to make your electro acoustic guitar sound better when it’s plugged in, and that’s a pretty good thing…

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