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Try at home with Sonic loan!

Try at home with Sonic loan!

Having a local music shop is great, isn’t it? You can stop in, browse some gear, chat to like-minded gear enthusiasts and identify the choice bits of gear you want in your studio.

Now, in conjunction with Sonic Distribution, you can trial a huge range of gear for 7 days in your own studio to make sure you end up with the equipment that’s right for your sound and your workflow with the Sonic Loan Service.

Apogee Ensemble on the Sonic Loan service

The Sonic Distribution Free Loan Service

If you’ve been hankering to see what difference an Apogee Ensemble can make in your studio, how an iConnectivity 4+ can integrate your devices, or what it’s like to pass your mix through the Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor, the Sonic loan service might be for you.

Simply check the list of available loan products from the list below, get in touch and between you, us and Sonic Distrubution, we’ll get your 7 day loan sorted and it will arrive on your doorstep for you to put to the test!

Available loan products

Apogee Duet, Quartet, Ensemble and all Symphony systems

Digigrid IOS, IOX, IOC, DLS, DLI, SG-MADI Optical and Coaxial

Direct Sound EX-29

iConnectivity MIDI 4+

MunroSonic EGG100 and EGG150

Rupert Neve Designs RNDI, 511, 517, 542, 543, 551 and R6 rack, Porical 5012, 5015, 5017, 5024, 5032, 5033, 5043, 5045; Portico II Channel, Portico II Master Buss Processor, Shelford Series 5051, 5052, 5059 Satellite, 5060 Centerpiece

All Waves products available on 7-day license

For more information on the Sonic Loan service, you can contact Sonic Distribution on

RND 5060 Centerpiece - Sonic Loan Service

Sonic Free Loan Service Terms and conditions

Available to customers of participating Sonic Distribution dealers only.

Sonic requires the following information for all loan requests: full name, home address, delivery address (if different), email address, phone number, payment card details (unless dealer is taking pre-auth/responsibility for the loan security).

The seven-day loan period commences on the day after the delivery of the product to the end-user is made.

At the end of the loan period, if the customer does not wish to purchase, the product must be sent back to Sonic Distribution the first working day after the seventh day of the loan.

The product must be returned to Sonic Distribution in the same condition as it was received. Wear and tear from proper use of the product is allowed for.

Products damaged through improper use will be charged for.

Loan products not returned to Sonic Distribution upon the completion of the loan will be charged for using the pre-authorised payment card.

All loan products remain the property of Sonic Distribution until paid for in full.

Products listed for loan are subject to availability.

The loan service will run continuously until otherwise specified by Sonic Distribution.

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