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10 essential merch items every band needs to offer

10 essential merch items every band needs to offer

As anyone with any experience of trying to make it as a musician knows, selling band merchandise can make the difference between profit and loss. On tour, it’s not uncommon to barely break even from just performing, even big headline acts often rely on merch stand sales to make money. Infamous grebo-gurus Pop Will Eat Itself have confessed that before they got involved with Trent Reznor for their 5th album, they’d sold more t-shirts than records.  With that in mind, we’re proud to present a guest article from our friends at Awesome Merchandise – Red Dog Music’s favourite one-stop-shop for quality sellables.

There’s also a competition to win a £500 voucher to spend on! Pay close attention, this will be on the test:

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At Awesome Merch, we pride ourselves on making hundreds of different print and merch items, all in-house, in our factory in Leeds. We also pride ourselves on customer service, great turnaround times and giving all our awesome customers the experience they deserve. Here’s our top ten most popular items of all time:

We can print so many different styles of stickers – at the moment there’s 21 different sticker options on our website. Everything from paper to vinyl, to sticker sheets and the super-favourite: custom shaped, full colour vinyl stickers! Ever met a band that doesn’t give away free stickers?!

Back when we started in 2005, we were called ‘Awesome Badges’ and all our badge options set the tone for things to come. These days, our badges come in all shapes and sizes and we’re launching new variations & packaging all the time.

We love screen printing T-shirts. We print thousands of them on a daily basis with loads of garment and print options. T-shirts are popular with bands more than ever and with 50 x one colour printed tees for only £195, it’s hard not to see why.

You’d think the advent of the internet would’ve put pay to bands promoting their album / gigs via the traditional flyer but they’re still just as popular as ever.

Posters are great because they can be used to promote something but also sold on to fans as concert memorabilia. They’re often purchased in conjunction with flyers, as the ultimate combo
Business cards are your first impression to someone. Whether you’re a band, brand, business man or anyone, custom business cards with your logo on are imperative to anyone looking to make a name for themselves.

It seems weird talking about beanies in August but would you believe they’re popular all year round?! Custom full colour embroidery makes the beanie an item to be loved for years by everyone – great for bands too!

8) MUGS:
We’ve been making mugs for years now but last year we added custom packaging and they’ve been flying off the shelves and into your cupboards like never before. The mug is something the people cherish, especially tea and coffee lovers!

Another product we developed only last year, they’ve shot into our top ten because people love them! The idea of the outside being fully customisable to inspire people to create something great on the inside, is a cool one!

Last but not least, the phone case! iPhone, Samsung and HTC options galore and like mugs, bands or anyone can pick up anything from one to a zillion.

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