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Amazing Aphex outboard deals!

Amazing Aphex outboard deals!

As we’re in the middle of the Edinburgh festival – with 73 Fringe shows coming up if you search for ‘Shakespeare’ – I was tempted to go with ‘Outbard deals’, but thought better of it. Anyway: incredible deals on Aphex while these stocks last!

Aphex 500 modules

Putting Aphex outboard in the mix

Aphex have been around for a fair few years now, and the company that gave us the famous ‘Aural Exciter’ can now put a seriously comprehensive signal chain in your studio.

Now, you can put some fantastic gear in your studio at seriously impressive prices! From channel strips to 500-series eqs and compressors via balanced/unbalanced interfaces and more, we have a handful of these units priced to clear at ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone prices!

Why go Aphex?

Well, you could start off with reading this review from Sound on Sound magazine. Not too bad is it?

Let us not forget, this is a company who produced a piece of equipment that you couldn’t actually buy, you could only hire it per minute of the track! Aphex also went on to design console eqs for API and have continued to innovate since then.

Their USB-500 module is brilliant evidence of that innovation, taking a blossoming modular format and making it easy for any to put their own required combination of outboard in their computer-based studio.

Aphex Project Channel

Without being too ‘salesy’ though, these are some great pieces of gear that can be just the thing to put in your studio. We’ve already written about how you don’t really need outboard gear to make music, can it can make the creative process that bit more creatively inspiring.

If you’ve already got a 500-series rack with a space or two left in it, then a preamp, eq or compressor for under £200 is a great way to fill it (and save on expensive blanking panels…). Even if you don’t need another preamp, passing your signals through the two transformers of the A Pre or J Pre 500s might be just what that signal needs…

All in all, there are some great bargains to be had here, but be quick, they’ve already started to go

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