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Elektron Overbridge celebration!

Elektron Overbridge celebration!

We love those crazy guys from Gothenburg! When they’re not producing some of the finest music production hardware out there, they’re busy developing new ways to incorporate it into your setup: time to welcome Elektron Overbridge!

Elektron Overbridge released

What is Elektron Overbridge?

Elektron’s Overbridge is the perfect software solution to tightly integrate your Elektron Analog Keys, Analog Four or Analog Rytm with your DAW.

Part of what has made the Elektron music-making machines so inspiring for so many people is the fact that they are standalone pieces of hardware that not only sound great, but that get you away from your computer.

Now, not only can you produce on your hardware while sitting on a beanbag in your snug by lava lamp-light, you can effortlessly take those sounds and sequences into your DAW with a single USB cable.

Why use Overbridge?

A good question, but with some great answers. Why would you want to take this cutting-edge piece of music-making standalone hardware and then sit at your desk in front of your computer.

Elektron Overbridge Plugin for Rytm, Analog Keys and Analog FourFirstly, because you don’t always have to. You can still employ exactly the same standalone workflows you know and love from your Elektron hardware. Now though, when those tracks are nearing completion, it’s incredible straightforward to take them from ‘nearly complete’ to ‘complete’ with the minimum of hassle.

With just that one USB cable, you’ve got your audio, MIDI and sync information all playing happily, and all you have to do is drop the plugin in your DAW track. No more having to worry about hooking up all your audio and MIDI cables, arming tracks, setting gain levels and all that not making music kind of stuff.

Then there are people who might be like me. I love outboard gear, but I don’t like using it for sequencing complete tracks, I love it for making loops, patterns, sequences and samples, but prefer to work on the big screen when it comes to chaining all those things together into complete songs.

Overbridge is perfect for that. Get your sounds shaped and your patterns sequenced, then it’s a straightforward import into your DAW for arrangement.

And what about if you aren’t really a huge fan of hardware workflows, but love the sound of these things? Overbridge is great for you as well, plug it in with USB and just use it as if it were another VST instrument, this time with all the sound you expect from Elektron’s analogue powerhouses.

Want to see how it can be used? Let Dataline walk you through it…

Overbridge price drops this August!

If you’re already an existing user of an Overbridge-compatible Elektron machine, then great news: Overbridge is free for you to download!

Overbridge has been released in two versions: 1 specifically designed for super-tight, rock solid integration with Ableton Live, another for other DAWs including, Logic, Cubase, Reaper and Maschine.

The Ableton Live version of Overbridge has been released at version 1.0, the version for other DAWs is still in public beta, but development continues apace!

If you’re not currently the proud owner of an Analog Rytm, Keys or Four, then now is the best time to see what all the fuss is about. With big price drops on the Overbridge-ready range, you can get on board the Overbridge train for 15% off the usual list prices!

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