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OSCiLLOT – your own modular inside Ableton Live

OSCiLLOT – your own modular inside Ableton Live

I am a huge, huge fan of Ableton Live, I’ve been using it since version 1.5 and have seen it grow and bloom as the years have gone on. When I made the upgrade to Live Suite though, the wonderful world of Max4Live was opened, and patches of much strangeness were downloaded and played with.

Imagine my joy and happiness then when, not long after I started putting my hardware modular system together, a Max4Live modular synth appeared – say hello to OSCiLLOT.

Ableton Live Suite OSCiLLOT

Hello to OSCiLLOT

Yes, OSCiLLOT is a Max4Live device, but it is a fully functional software modular environment that just happens to run in one. And when I say fully functional, I mean it!

With a selection of over 100 modules, you can assemble your dream synthesiser in software. And I’m not just talking about a 6x oscillator monster polysynth with 4 envelopes and 8 LFOs, I’m talking about waveshapers, drum machines, sequencers, logic functions, effects – an entire song in a single patch if you so desire.

You can grab OSCiLLOT direct from for £59, or see what it’s all about with the free demo.

If you’re into modular synthesis, Ableton Live Suite and OSCiLLOT is a great way to take that aesthetic and that freedom into the software world, and you can carry a huge modular synth around in your laptop.

Which is probably easier to patch on the train between Peterborough and Doncaster than a 6x 84HP Eurorack system…

And a quick mention for Granulator

While we’re on the subject of M4L, let’s quickly mention Granulator, now Granulator II, by Monolake’s Robert Henke. A fantastical free M4L device, Granulator uses, as the name suggests, granular synthesis to create sounds you wouldn’t have thought possible from the source material.

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite devices. All of a sudden those folders full of samples you thought you would neither need nor want become libraries of experiment and inspiration. Fire up Live Suite, download the pack, find an hilarious sample from a trending Vine, and turn it into something incredible!

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