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iZotope RX5 announced – why it will be great!

iZotope RX5 announced – why it will be great!

I’ve had iZotope RX4 installed on my studio computer for a little while now. I don’t do a huge amount of post-production work, but I cannot overstate just how magnificently wonderfully marvelous it is to have it sitting on my dock, ready to save my audio at a moment’s notice. And with iZotope RX5 just announced, you can save a good chunk of cash on RX4 now, and qualify for a a free upgrade to RX5 when it is released!

iZotope RX5 is comingWhy should I use iZotope RX?

We all know the best practices: leave enough headroom, careful with that click-track bleed, get the band to turn off their mobile phones, all of that stuff. But still bad things happen to great takes.

Step in RX4.

Once upon a few months ago, we had the lovely Sam from Blackstar drop by to give us a wee demo of the Blackstar ID Beam.

Things were a bit last minute and he didn’t have long with us, so we grabbed the camera and VideoMic and recorded Sam’s – as always – cracking playing through the impressively-toned and volumed ID Beam amp.

Now, not having time to run through what was going to be played before time, we ended up clipping the audio all the way through the overdriven electric guitar demos.

Like we said, this little thing was a lot louder than we were expecting.

Anyway, we thought the video would be unusable, but iZotope RX came to the rescue. I took the audio back to my studio, loaded it into RX4 and looked at it in the spectrogram view. The offending area of noise was very clear.

A few quick selections and attenuations later, usable audio, finished video.

These are the little things that make RX so handy to have about. When you only have one shot, and you don’t have time to completely prepare (although always, ALWAYS leave more headroom than you think you’ll need!), iZotope RX can save a write-off.

iZotope RX5 - free upgrade when you buy RX4 now!

The click track appears as the cymbal decays – fix it with RX

Another example occurred more recently. I was mixing a track for a local artist and, while working on the drum stem, there was a problem. The song finished on a crash cymbal that rang out. Fine, not a problem with that. The drums sounded great and the recordings were nice and easy to work with.

Unfortunately, as the crash decayed, the bleed from the click track in the drummer’s ‘phones became too obvious, particularly after compression.

If I had individual, isolated drum hits to work with, I could have replaced the final crash with a pristine hit, or maybe just crossfaded in a new tail, but I didn’t. What to do?

Well, you’ve guessed it: RX it.

The offending section of audio was fired into RX4, and you can see the bleed-through of the click track quite obviously. As the cymbal decays you can see the harmonic series of the click sound as a sequence of regularly spaced ‘ladders’ in the spectral view.

Again, box them out, and repair them away.

RX4 is dead! Long live iZotope RX5!

Why should you be excited about RX5? Well, first and foremost, it’s going to be at least as good as RX4. When you consider that, and the fact that you can save tidily on RX4 if you buy it before October 21st and get a FREE upgrade to RX5 when it’s released, that should be enough.

Secondly, here is perhaps the first RX tutorial video I watched. It’s Pro Tools Expert and Sound on Sound contributor Mike Thornton, once again showing how RX can save a recording:

Pretty impressive, no? And that was RX2. By the time we got to RX4 Advanced, we could do things like these:

The mind simply boggles. If you work in broadcast, the ability to simply select your audio, open the Loudness module, choose your standard – EBU R128 for example – hit process and have a compliant audio file.

Specialised audio repair software may seem like a bit of a luxury, but it really is the sort of thing that can pay for itself with just one client who’s amazed that you’ve done the impossible. It may seem like an indulgence, but isn’t that shiny new eq plugin that might only get used on one channel every 6 months the same?

And of course, you could always use it to draw faces in your spectrograms:

I, for one, am excited to see what the future holds, and the future is hopefully next month…

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