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Boss 3 for 2: Compact Pedals – Buy 2, get 3!

Boss 3 for 2: Compact Pedals – Buy 2, get 3!

Towards the end of The Simpsons episode featuring Homer’s barbershop quartet ‘The Be Sharps’, the band play a rooftop concert above Moe’s to which George Harrison remarks “it’s been done”. Well, so has the Boss 3 for 2 pedal deal, but it’s such a good one, they’re doing it again!

Boss 3 for 2The Boss 3 for 2 deal is back!

If you’ve been browsing the Boss Compact pedals range, chances are there are a two or three (or more) you’d quite like to put on your pedalboard. Well, when you buy the two you JUST HAVE TO HAVE TODAY, Boss will send you a third for nothing.


If you know pedals, then you know about Boss Compact effects. Yes, there’s always a place for those esoteric, ’boutique’ pedals on your ‘board, but – not only do they sound great – but so many aspects of there design are perfect for the gigging pedalist. From the pedal that protects the knobs from your feet, to the battery compartment that keeps the power safely away from the circuits, guarding you against any battery leak-induced damage.

I also have it on good authority -from a boutique pedal make no less – that the design of the track son the circuit are simply exquisite: widening where the space permits to reduce the total resistance of the circuit.

How does the Boss 3 for 2 deal work?

Easy, you can come into the shop to try out the pedals and talk to our gigging guitarists and our Boss guru, or you can buy a couple of pedals online. Either way, once you’ve picked three, buy two, let Boss know and they’ll send you the cheapest pedal for free!

Want a crafty tip? Buy four and they’ll send you 2!

Starting from, well now actually, until the 16th November, this offer is a great way to get your pedalboard, started, finshed, or developed. You can find all the conditions at

Whether it’s a tuner, compressor and reverb, or a distortion, pitch shifter and another distortion, the Boss 3 for 2 deal is the time!

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