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The Moog Mother-32 synthesiser module. Yes.

The Moog Mother-32 synthesiser module. Yes.

When you think of synths, chances are the first name that pops into your head is Moog. While they did perhaps tempt the private-jet owners amongst us with their limited edition modulars, the incredible growth of the Eurorack format has meant that perhaps it was time for something new. It’s time for the Moog Mother-32.

Moog Mother-32 top panel

Meeting the Mother

The Moog Mother-32, while having something of a peculiar name, looks to be quite an impressive piece of synthesiser. There might only be a single oscillator with a choice of two waveforms, but I think when you consider that the Mother-32 has been designed to be part of a large, modular system, there’s a lot going on in there for the money.

If you were to build an equivalent voice using separate modules in Eurorack, chances are you’d be up past £499 fairly quickly. Also, the semi-modular design of the Mother-32 means that you are up and running and making sounds as soon as you take it out of the box and plug it in, you don’t need to have a case full of other modules to get synthesising.

Let’s take a quick look at the key specifications:

  • Single oscillator with sawtooth and pulse wave outputs, 1V/Octave control; PWM
  • Linear and exponential FM inputs
  • External audio input for processing your sounds from elsewhere
  • Legendary Moog ladder filter; high and low pass resonant
  • LFO with square and triangle outs, 0.1 Hz to 350 Hz rate (600 Hz maximum)
  • Dual-mode 32-step sequencer on board!
  • MIDI input and onboard MIDI to CV conversion
  • As a Eurorack module, it is 60 HP wide and draws 230 mA
  • 32-point patchbay for getting connected, controlled, modulated and heard!

Of course, there’s plenty more going on, but the balance of features looks pretty good, and the patchbay makes it. Want to add an ADSR EG or another LFO? Choose from the extensive range of modules out there and patch them in. You can build the Moog of your dreams!

Moog Mother-32 racked and stackedWhy the Moog Mother-32 will be epic

Do people still say epic? No matter. Anyway, I love the Moog Sub 37. Everytime I walk past it I have to have a play. The thing is though, I don’t need all of it. I certainly can’t justify one and a modular system.

With this though, there’s a complete synth voice ready to be modulated by modules such as Tides, or sent off for a bit of granularness through Clouds and when it comes to fine-tuning the effect of those modulations, I can run those voltages through the Wave Boss.

Of course, you could take advantage of the custom rack kits and get two or three Moog Mothers stacked together for a mighty three oscillator monster.

The Moog Mother-32 looks like it really could find a home in a lot of different setups. Yes, there are some things that it would have been nice to have seen included, but the scope of the patchbay does start to make up for that. As a standalone synth, I would  have liked a full ADSR EG, but the fact that you get a sequencer included is a major bonus.

As soon as we get our hands on one of these, we’ll get it set up next to the modular and put it through its paces properly, so stay tuned for the full RDM Mother-32 review!

The Mother-32 rounds off the Motherlode of new

This, I hope (the carpal tunnel is really setting in now), is the last of today’s new product announcements. It’s been a busy one, but everything looks good.

And I want all of them.

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