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The Fender Hendrix Strat is back!

The Fender Hendrix Strat is back!

If you play the guitar, or even if you don’t, you might have heard of Jimi Hendrix. Even if you don’t know him from his work with the Isley Brothers, then you may know him from his subsequent solo career. Oh, and he is always there or thereabouts when it comes to discussions of the greatest guitarist ever. With the release of the 2015 Fender Hendrix Strat, you can put a bit of that Jimi mojo under your fingers.

Let’s just have a little listen, shall we?

Not too bad, eh?

Putting the glibness away, Hendrix was a pretty special guitarist. From his own corpus of work to the countless players he influenced, music with guitars would have evolved quite differently had Hendrix not picked up a six string.

The Fender Hendrix Strat

Fender have done this sort of thing before with the Voodoo Strat, and this new Fender Hendrix Stratocaster not only looks the part, gives you some of those subtle tone changes you get from flipping a guitar upside-down – such as having the bridge pickup the other way ’round – but without all the controls being in very uncomfortable places.

Fender Hendrix Strat

With its lefty neck on a righty body and American Vintage pickups (and that re-angled bridge pickup of course), the Fender Hendrix Strat has a different sound to match its different look, and both will grab the attention. Whether you choose black or Olympic White, this is still classic Stratocaster, but with a twist…

2015 Fender Hendrix StratocasterThe Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster arrives soon!

Or, if you’re reading this after they’ve arrived, they’ve arrived! The 2015 Hendrix Strat may not be Stone Free, but at £661 nor is it completely out of reach. We’ll fire out the tweets when they arrive in store and you can drive the Crosstown Traffic and check one out for yourself.

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