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Ableton Push 2 is here – get up on this

Ableton Push 2 is here – get up on this

It’s here, and they’ve done a very good job of keeping this one quiet – very good – but now we can finally hit publish on this post (that, as they’ve been very good about keeping it quiet, I am writing in the small hours of the release morning) – the Ableton Push 2 – aka the New Push – has landed!

Ableton Push 2 Screen

A quick recap first perhaps. The original Push was – and still is – a supremely-well integrated and intuitive controller/instrument for composing and performing with Ableton Live.

Push was brought into being with the last version of Live, meaning that the two products could be developed in tandem, allowing a superb level of bi-directional communication between hardware and software.

As a Live user since v1.5, Push was exactly the piece of hardware I was looking for, so I put my own hard-earned where my mouth was (and still is, in fact) and took one home myself as soon as I could get my hands on one, which took a while to be honest: Push was one hot product!

Attempting not to sound like  hyperbolic sycophant, I think it’s fair to say that Push completely changed the way I worked with Live. There are beats, basslines, chords, melodies and sounds that I just wouldn’t have come up with using my controller keyboard or programming in the piano roll with a mouse.

Now though, there’s a new Push in town…

Ableton Push 2The new instrument – Ableton Push 2

In case you missed it, Ableton Push 2 is here, and it looks pretty sweet. It looks, in my opinion, an awful lot like the last one. And I think that’s  good. For one thing, it lets you know how right Ableton got thigs first time ’round. They took their time to get it right, and they did. Secondly, it means that existing users of Push should be able to make the switch to Push 2 fairly quickly, without spending too much time trying to find where the buttons have been moved to.

And thirdly, it suggests that Ableton aren’t about change for change’s sake. It would have been very easy to completely redesign the product to make it look like a whole new thing and shout “look at all the work we’ve done, it looks really different to the last one”, but they didn’t. You get the impression that they knew the product was fundamentally good, but just had a few meetings to talk about the feedback from people who had been using it. Push 2 looks like an evolution, more than a revolution.

Having just said all of that, of course, let’s move on to the screen. This looks glorious. The display on the original Push was great: clear, concise, easy to navigate and select what you wanted to select, but things have moved on since then, and the price of full colour displays is on its way down, so the inclusion of that RGB high-resolution display makes sense, and it looks good.

Sampling with the New Push

In addition to all the functionality you know and love from Push, Push 2 – combined with the new updates in Live 9.5 – adds additional sampling workflows to put all those libraries of sounds and loops we inevitably accumulate – and only ever use 2% of – to use.

There are three separate sampling workflows on Push 2: you can slice samples across the pads, turn melodic sounds into pitched instruments, or simply play a collection of one-shots. With numerous parameters controllable by the encoders, and that fantastic screen, this brings the classic hardware sampler up to date.

Sampling with Ableton Psuh 2

Push 2 trade-in program

As I said earlier, the original Push is still a fantastic controller, but the upgrades and tweaks might have you longing for a Push 2. Well, chances are the resale value for Push will remain healthy for a while to come, but if you just can’t wait, don’t want the hassle of dealing with your favourite internet acustion site, or want to contribute to music in education, then the Ableton Push 2 trade-in scheme might be for you…

Simply bring in your original push with the USB cable and power supply, we’ll work some magic with some serial numbers and – presto! – you can take £150 off the price of a shiny new Ableton Push 2.

And what happens to your Push I hear you ask? Well, they will go to further the course of music education, going into classrooms to let as many students as possible have access to making electronic music.

Push 2 it real good!

Much like the last one, we expect Push 2 to be a swift mover, so if you want to be among the first to get one in your studio or live setup, chances are you’ll have to act quickly.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know when our next shipments are due and, as soon as we can, we’ll get one out on demo. Right, article finished, time to write to Santa…


Sorry all, forgot to put this in yesterday; in my defence, I was very tired…

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