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The samosa – sustaining gigs from μ to G

The samosa – sustaining gigs from μ to G

During his time with Yes, caped keys genius Rick Wakeman famously tucked into a curry live on stage during a concert in Manchester’s Free Trade Hall as the band toured Tales From Topographic Oceans.

Chicken vindaloo, pilau rice, bhindi bhaji, Bombay aloo and a stuffed paratha.

And some papadums.

Rick Wakeman and the Samosa?

Rick wakeman: Keyboard whizz, takeaway consumer, cape enthusiast. Opinion on samosas unknown.

Now, that’s really easy to do when you’re on a huge sold-out world tour with a keyboard tech to go and get the carry out for you – and cape with which to form a crude picnic blanket or tent-based eatery. For the majority of us however, that kind of meal simply isn’t an option at a gig.

If only there were some sort of portable equivalent.

Time to give thanks to the humble samosa.

This wonder of the spicy-filled pastry world can bring a piece of Wakemanesque concert grandeur to the most humble of venues.

From the pub gig, to the larger venue support slot to an afternoon busking outside Primark. Then BHS. Then back to Primark again, the samosa is gig-bag friendly, easy to eat and can sustain even the most animated of musicians through a long set.

Depending on how many you eat.

A Samosa - get one in your gig bagWhich brings us on to another fantastic string to the samosa’s bow – scalability.

As the gigs get bigger, the sets get longer and the fees get ever more removed from reality, the samosa can grow with you. As you tuck into your 5th or 6th samosa of the night, your mind may wander nostalgically back to those halcyon days when the band was struggling to make it, and two samosas was all you could afford to get you through.

As the crowds and on-stage excesses grow, you may find that your gig bag pockets lack sufficient capacity, particularly if you look after your samosa by transporting them, not loose in the gig bag pocket as one might a capo or slide, but safely contained within a small non brand-specific lidded plastic tray – ideally lined with kitchen towel.

The paper towel serves a dual purpose – not only does it protect the often delicate nature of the samosa’s pastry exoskeleton, but it also absorbs excess fat.

As the size of your gigs grows, an increased number of samosas can be safely transported in their own flightcase. To our knowledge, however, no 19″ rack solution currently exists for samosa transport or dispersal.

So, enjoy a samosa, because – who knows – that first one removed from a freezer bag stuffed in a pocket of your anorak as you play to an audience of – literally – two people who happen to see you because you’re between where they were and where they wanted to go, could be the treat that takes you to enjoying a filled pastry parcel in the company of the stars!


To make it easier for you to enjoy a samosa during the bits of your next gig when you don’t have much to do, you can use the coupon code – samosasdoglove – on any purchase over £199 this month to get a discount of £1 that you can then take to your samosa vendor of choice. Just the other night, in fact, I picked up a box of 12 samosas for but a single pound.

And very tasty they were too.

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