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Buy a Universal Audio Apollo Rack and pick up a free UAD Satellite Quad!

Buy a Universal Audio Apollo Rack and pick up a free UAD Satellite Quad!

There are good deals, and there are good deals; and this is a good deal. In fact, I think this is such a good deal I’ll break out the italics.

This is a good deal.

This Christmas, when you buy a rackmount Universal Audio Apollo interface, you will receive a UAD2 Satellite Quadworth £689! – for free!

Universal Audio Apollo with Free UAD2 Satellite

Yes, a free UAD2 Satellite Quad Offer!

You heard correctly. Here is how it all works. All you need to do is buy your Universal Audio Apollo rackmount interface of choice, register it before 2015 expires and you’ll be sent a UAD2 Satellite.

Doesn’t really get much easier than that, does it?

The UAD2 Satellite you’ll receive will be the same connectivity type as your interface and will give you a whole bunch of extra processing power allowing you to really get stuck into that mix without causing your computer to run out of steam!

Which Apollo Interfaces are eligible?

Any of the rackmount ones. The Apollo 8 Duo, 8 Quad,  8P, Apollo 16 and Apollo Classic Firewire are all good to go for this special deal. This deal will only last for as long as the stock does though, so make sure and get in early!

Universal Audio Apollo Rackmount Range

I bought my Apollo yesterday, should I be sad?

No! To avoid sadness, Universal Audio have backdated this offer to the 1st of November. If you’ve registered an Apollo since then, you’re in!

Just sit back and await the arrival of your UA Satellite!

The Apollo + Free Satellite Details

So, to recap.

Buy a UA Apollo rackmount interface

Register said interface

Receive UAD2 Satellite Quad 6-8 weeks later

You can read what Universal Audio have to say on the matter here.

Go forth, record and mix!


Offer valid only for customers who purchase any new Apollo rackmount audio interface (Apollo 16, Apollo
8, Apollo 8p, or Apollo FireWire) from an authorized UA retailer between November 20th and December
31st, 2015. Offer provides one UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Core DSP card (Satellite Thunderbolt or Satellite
FireWire) per Apollo purchased within the promotional period. Whether customers receive a UAD-2
Satellite QUAD Thunderbolt or FireWire will be determined by Apollo purchased (Thunderbolt Apollos will
receive Thunderbolt UAD-2 QUAD Satellites, FireWire Apollos will receive FireWire UAD-2 QUAD Satellites.)
Offer valid only while supplies last.

Customers who purchase any Apollo rackmount audio interface between November 20th and December
31st, 2015 will be shipped a free UAD-2 QUAD Satellite DSP Accelerator upon Apollo registration.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Universal Audio will only fulfill UAD-2 Satellites to addresses within
the EU countries mentioned above. UAD-2 Satellites will not be shipped to post office boxes.



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