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The Mutable Instruments Warps is here!

The Mutable Instruments Warps is here!

Mutable Instruments WarpsWe’re big fans of Mutable Instruments here at Red Dog Music, from the sound of their modules, to just how much they love their synthesis, a new Mutable module in your system is an event.

And now we have a new one for you drop into a spare 10HP: the Mutable Instruments Warps!

You’ve got the sounds, now warp them

You’ve got the sounds perfectly synthesised, now let’s turn them into something special. Whether you have a specific sound in mind, or you’re just looking for a particular timbre to inspire your next composition, Warps might be just the ticket…

Mutable Instruments Warps Signal FlowAt its heart, Warps is a module that takes two audio inputs, and combines them. Sounds pretty straightforward and not particularly inspiring, doesn’t it. Well, there’s combining two signals and there’s combining them… And that’s where the algorithms come in…

From crossfading to vocoding via ring modulation, XOR modulation and more, Mutable’s Warps combines two audio signals in ways far beyond any mixer ever could.

But enough of my writing words about it! To paraphrase possibly Martin Mull/Thomas McGonigle/Someone Else: Writing about the sound of a Eurorack Module is like dancing about  capital gains tax; let’s let the expertise of synth modular demonstrator and explainer extraordinaire DivKid take us through the Mutable Instruments Warps:

Is this the only module you’d want in your modular setup? No, it’s not. Chances are you’ll have a fair few bits and pieces in there before you’d be looking to add something like this.

But if you do have a system that is taking shape – or a vast behemoth lovingly put together over years that could always use a bit more in the way of sound shaping – the Mutable Instruments Warps may be just the thing…

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