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The guitar gear of NAMM 2016 – PLUS win a Fender Strat worth over £500!

The guitar gear of NAMM 2016 – PLUS win a Fender Strat worth over £500!
This competition is now over! The winner was Phil Darling from Diss. Go Phil!

It’s NAMM season: time to dust off the GAS and get the piggy bank on standby! In this post, we’ll highlight some of the guitar-related gear that has most caught our eye, so stay tuned for regular updates…

Without further ado…

Fender Elite Series Guitars and Basses

Apogee Symphony I/O mkIIThe American Deluxe Series is dead, long live the Fender American Elite Series! Much like its esteemed predecessor, the Fender American Elite Series of Strats, Teles, Jazz and Precision basses is designed for working players. With the latest generation of noiseless pickups – the N4 series – easy truss-rod adjustment and a new compound radius neck, the Fender American Elite Series ticks all the boxes for the jobbing guitarist and bassist.

Pre-order the Fender American Elite instruments here!

Digitech Trio Plus

Roland JC01B Bluetooth SpeakerThe original Trio was a huge hit, not just for making solo practice that bit more interesting, but for songwriting as well. With the new Digitech Trio Plus (Trio+ if you prefer), Digitech have upped their game with a load of features that turn the Trio Plus into a serious songwriting and performance tool!

Pre-order the Digitech Trio Plus here!

Boss BC1X Bass Compressor

Boss BC1X Bass CompressorHaving learned about compressors from the studio side of things, I’m used to terms like ‘ratio’ and ‘threshold’; my stomp box says ‘sustain’; I get confused. With the new Boss BC1X Bass Compressor, you get controls like ‘ratio’ and ‘threshold’. I like it. You also get a handy gain reduction meter, making it so easy to set up you’ll never know how much complicated processing is going on behind the scenes!
Pre-order the Boss BC1X here!

VOX Starstream guitars


These bad boys look like they’re out to make a statement, sonically and visually. With a pair of conventional pickups augmented by a piezo pickup and some powerful DSP, there’s a lot more than an electric guitar inside. One could say it was… more than meets the eye.

Pre-order your Starstream today!

VOX AV (Analogue/valve) amps

These amps looks like a nice trinity of tone. With a choice of 8 preamp types and a panel that looks like any ‘normal’ amplifier, the Vox AV15, AV30 and AV60 not only look delightfully retro, they look they might be a lot more immediate than you might expect from a ‘modelling’ amp…

Pre-order a VOX AV amp today!

Roland Blues Cube Hot

Roland Blues Cube HotAny amp that Eric Johnson says has good tone, must have good tone. The Roland Blues Cubes have taken home great reviews the world over since their launch. With the release of the Roland Blues Cube Hot, the small, portable combo market just got a bit more interesting with the acclaimed Tube Logic design putting Tweed tone into a great new form factor!

Pre-order a Blues Cube Hot today!

Boss Waza Amplifier Head

Boss Waza AmpWhen the Waza Craft pedals were released, I think people were a bit sceptical; but they were very quickly convinced: those things sounded mighty impressive. We’re expecting no less from the Boss Waza Amp! With 150W of power, clean, crunch and two lead channels and Tone Capsule Compatibility, the Boss Waza amp – and its 2×12” and 4×12” cabs – look like the big amp world got another heavyweight!

Pre-order your elite BOSS Waza amp today!

Boss V-01 Vocoder

Boss Vocoder V01The talk box effect is great – think Frampton, or Jovi’s classic Living on a Prayer – but can be a bit annoying to achieve with bits of plastic tubing collecting phlegm. With the Boss V-01 Vocoder, those sounds – and more – can be on your pedalboard, without the phlegm! Hopefully.

Pre-order a BOSS V01 vocoder today!

Celebrate NAMM 2016: Win a Fender Strat worth over £500!

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