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Sounds from the Underworld with the Dreadbox Hades

Sounds from the Underworld with the Dreadbox Hades

You can never have too many little, desktop, hands-on, knob-tweaking synth modules. They’re just great fun to have around and are a fantastic source of inspiration. Well good news analogue fans, we’ve just taken delivery of the incredible new Dreadbox Hades and at just £219, it’s a lot of synth fun for the money.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s primed for connection with your modular?

Dreadbox Hades Analogue Synth

Get analogue with the Dreadbox Hades

While it may named after Cronus’ eldest who is better known for becoming head honcho of the underworld, the Dreadbox Hades certainly sounds like it’s capable of making the types of noises that could bring about the end of the Titans and usher in a new era!

Let’s take a listen:

Not too bad is it, certainly when you consider how much it costs against some of the competition!

Get modular with the Hades

While the Dreadbox Hades is clearly a very competent standalone voice, that little patchbay on the bottom right certainly adds to its appeal.

Contained in that line-up of mini jack sockets is the key to connectivity with you modular system. Now things really get interesting. If you consider the Hades as a complete synth voice with modular connectivity, it could be a great way to get into the wonderful world of modular synthesis, adding additional modules as you need.

Of course, if you’ve already got a nice Eurorack system together then the Dreadbox Hades is the perfect partner, giving you a whole extra set of synth components – including MIDI to CV conversion – that you can get connected into over more complex patches. Enjoy!

So, whether you want to add some extra sounds to your existing analogue collection, or simply want to put some girthy tones on your desktop, then for only £219, the Dreadbox Hades is a great way to do it!

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