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Top 500 series quality for less with Meris!

Top 500 series quality for less with Meris!

It’s a bit annoying that the Meris Ottobit isn’t called the Gemini, because then I could make some fantastically contrived Mercury 7, Gemini, [Apollo] 440 reference and/or pun. But it’s not.

So I can’t.

However, that doesn’t stop be from talking about how you can take home a Meris 440 preamp at a huge discount while the current stocks last!

Meris 440 Preamp Promotion

The Meris 440 500-series preamp

In case you’re unfamiliar with the 440, let’s take a quick look at what makes this such a special way to use a slot in your 500-series rack. So, first and foremost, the Meris 440 is a quality microphone preamp. With Cinemag input and output transformers, this is a quality front end for your recordings; but that’s just the beginning…

Of course, you get the standard features you would expect to see: phantom power, high-pass filter with a choice of corner frequencies, polarity invert, 20 dB pad, and a DI, but the Meris 440 offers a couple of little extras, making this perhaps the perfect preamp if you record a lot of guitar, or if you have a nice collection of effects pedals lying about.

That DI input you see isn’t just a DI, but the return for a guitar pedal optimised send/return loop. Now, this not only makes the 440 great for recording guitars, but also for reamping and for incorporating all your guitar effects into your mixes. Oh, and let’s not forget that great-sounding high-shelf EQ – with a choice of 4 kHz and 7 kHz corner frequencies – to really make those takes stand out in the mix!

Want to get your modular synth tracked and include some tasty effects from your pedalboard, but you don’t have an ALM SBG? No problem, patch into the Meris 440 and the pedalboard is your oyster!

Now, at £469, the 440 is already a lot of preamp for the money, but when you pair it with a Mercury 7 or Ottobit, the savings are pretty spectacular!

The Meris Mercury 7 and Ottobit

Now, if you don’t know about these guys, you’re missing out. The Ottobit has been around for a few months’ now, and you can check out its stellar Sound on Sound review here. All you need to know though, is that it can make sounds like this:

Not something you’ll find in too many 500-series modules, no? And what about the Mercury 7 reverb module?

Well, hopefully, we’ve given you a little taste of what the Meris 500-series modules can do, and on their current bundle deals of just £699 for the 440 & Mercury 7, or the 440 & Ottobit, your 500-series rack can be that bit more inspiring…

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