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Beginner’s guide: How to record guitar with a Focusrite Scarlett interface

Beginner’s guide: How to record guitar with a Focusrite Scarlett interface

Have you been dreaming of recording your own songs at home on your computer, or maybe doing some covers just for fun? It’s now easier than ever to start recording, layering and editing your music, in no small part due to the abundance of excellent, high-spec’d but low priced audio interfaces available at the moment.

Audio interfaces are the little boxes that act as a go-between unit for your instrument or microphone and your computer. They allow you to easily record at the right volume, without any hiss and without having to use any fiddly adapters. One of our favourite interfaces is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, which allows you to record up to 2 sound sources at a time, like a guitar and a microphone, 2 microphones, or the left and right output of a keyboard. The cool little Focusrite interface also lets you hear what you’re doing with imperceivable low latency, which is the technical term for the time delay between you recording something and the computer acknowledging it, processing it and playing it back to you.

Those super nice folk at Focusrite have even put together a little series of how-to videos that cover the basics of getting a great guitar recording for whatever genre of music you’re playing. Check out the videos below!

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