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The Focusrite Red4 Pre interface announced!

The Focusrite Red4 Pre interface announced!

For a good while now, we’ve seen impressive audio interface after impressive audio interface. Dynamic ranges and technical performances have steadily improved, and the modern on-interface mic pre is plenty good enough to make professional recordings. The new Focusrite Red 4Pre audio interface has changed the landscape.

The new Focusrite Red 4Pre interface

From the front, the new Focusrite Red 4Pre looks like another, studio-grade audio interface. Perhaps because – for starters – it is.

With four microphone preamps, two front panel instrument inputs and all the technical specifications you’d expect to see on a pro-level interface, the Red 4Pre has you covered with the details. Add that to Focusrite’s lowest ever round trip latency and the fact that it looks fantastic.

Oh, and let’s just mention this in its own paragraph: 58 inputs and 64 outputs.

Focusrite Red 4Pre Interface

With that gorgeous faceplate and those displays, The Red 4Pre has all the cosmetic design to complement those impressive technical specs. It will certainly look the part in your rack!

Focusrite Red 4Pre round the back…

As good as it looks from the front though, it’s when you turn it round that you realise just how special the Focusrite Red 4Pre is…

Yes, it’s a Thunderbolt audio interface, and with a pair of ports to let you daisy chain other devices and take advantage of all that Thunderbolt bandwidth.

Focusrite Red 4Pre Rear

However, you might also notice those DigiLink ports. With those, the Red 4Pre can seamlessly become part of your Pro Tools HD system.

Combine that with the ethernet ports, and all of a sudden the Red 4 Pre also gives you audio over IP using the Dante protocol – as seen with their RedNet units . All of a sudden, the Red 4 Pre isn’t just the centre of your studio, it’s a powerful component of your audio network in the building, complex, or across the campus.

Your next interface?

With all that connectivity, the Focusrite Red 4Pre looks like it could be the perfect interface for many people out there. It certainly occupies a unique place in the market, but that doesn’t really matter if it’s not executed properly.

Looking at the features and specifications of the Focusrite Red 4Pre though, it looks like things have been executed properly.

We’re expecting stock to land mid-April, so if you want to be riding the first wave of the future of audio interfaces, get in touch or order online and we’ll get one on its way to you as soon as they come in!

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