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The best of Musikmesse 2016

The best of Musikmesse 2016

No dull preambles here, we know what you want… HOT NEW MUSIC GEAR!

PS. You should totally buy from us, we’ve got loads of awards and super-high feedback ratings, so you’re practically guaranteed to have a great, hassle free experience. Just sayin’. Sorry, that was a preamble. GEAR TIME!



Pioneer / Dave Smith Toraiz SP-16

I honestly, hand-on-heart thought this was an April Fools when it was first announced. You can’t blame me for thinking that, it looks like a hi-tech version of our 2012 Humdrum Monostrosity gag. The step sequencer from a Roland TR8, the performance grid of a Novation Launchpad, the luscious screen and controls of an NI Maschine Studio… but it’s REAL, and it could possibly change music production as we know it… so long as they aren’t subjected to a dozen lawsuits for breaching patent! Check out Pioneer’s teaser video here…


DigiTech Whammy Ricochet

Given you’re reading a gear blog, I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you what the original DigiTech Whammy does, but the Ricochet is a genuinely interesting update. Instead of wasting the planet’s resources on making an expression pedal that no one really uses (when has anyone ever left a Whammy half-cocked?), the Ricochet uses a momentary switch and “shift” and “return” controls to set how quickly the pitch dives and how snappily it pops to normal. Step on the switch: effect activated. Step off: back to normal. YES! The RRP in the USA has been announced at $187.44 (catchy, right?) which roughly equates to about £130 – about the same price as a regular DigiTech Whammy. For the smaller footprint and consolidated functions, it’d be hard to pass up this bad boy!


BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer

Remember the TC Voicelive Play GTX? The pedal with guitar and vocal effects that also intelligently, tastefully tuned your vocal based on what your guitar was doing? Keep that in your mind, but add some high quality BOSS effects on guitar AND vocal, sprinkle liberally with Roland’s legendary sound-shaping nous, add a swanky harmony feature and you have a very interesting little package. Read more here.


Nord Drum 3P

Oh man, this looks pretty intense! After a bit of a rough ride with the first and second instalments of the Nord Drum, things finally feel like they’ve been refined to the point where even skeptical anti-synth-drum folk may be won over the the slick sounds, robust build and editing features. I mean, take a look at this demo by Ikiz. I think I’ve watched it about 6 times already!


BOSS RC202 Loop Station

The RC505 set a few waves in motion when it came out back in 2013, giving beatboxers and alt-performers a chance to stop tap-dancing on loopers and start using their hands. The stripped down RC202 offers many of the same features, but in a much more compact unit. If you’re limited on performance space, this little number might be just the thing you need. Read more here.


Epiphone Brent Hinds Signature Flying V

Mastodon fans rejoice! This silverburst beauty feature Hinds’ signature Lace USA Hammer Claws humbuckers, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a girthy tone-beast. Even if you have no idea who or what Mastodon are, from the front there’s practically no way to tell it’s a signature guitar either, just a cool little Hinds-tattoo skull on the rear of the headstock. No word of RRP just yet, but generally speaking Epiphone signature guitars usually float around the £400-£700 price bracket, so here’s hoping! More details when we get them…


BOSS TU3S Compact Tuner

The new Boss TU3S is a very handy wee tuner that is designed to give you all the accuracy and functionality of a regular TU3 but in a smaller package.  Engineered without a footswitch, it’s half the size of its world famous brother making it perfect for crowed pedal boards.  It’s always on so you can constantly keep an eye on your tuning and can be easily muted by using a volume pedal, AB/Y switch and makes the perfect tuner companion to the ES5 and ES8 effects switching units.



DigiTech Dirty Robot

A Devo-enthusiasts dream come true, this nifty little stombox seems to be the spiritual successor to the DigiTech Synth Wah, but with a slew of extra creative features that could potentially revolutionise your sound! One of the problems most people have with guitar/bass synth pedals is that they introduce weird latency between striking the string and the synth sound coming out, but the Dirty Robot seems to have mostly eliminated that old problem! About time, eh? It’s not the 80s anymore.


BOSS TU3W Waza Craft Tuner

Tuners have always been a bit of a touchy subject for many tone purists. Do they sap high end? Is it TRUE true bypass? Do I need a buffer if I’m using lots of other pedals? Well, BOSS have put an end to the debate by introducing their Waza Craft variant TU3. Switchable buffer, true bypass, meticulous signal path, the highest grade components. Plus the piercing blue on black should be easy to read on a dark stage. Bravo, BOSS!


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