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Your new Muse: Matt Bellamy signature Cort guitar

Your new Muse: Matt Bellamy signature Cort guitar

We recently received a handful of the amazing Cort MBC-1 Matt Bellamy signature guitars at Red Dog Music, and we thought we’d give you a quick run down of what makes them so cool, and give you – our faithful blog reader – a chance to get one for an insanely good price!

Cort MBC-1

The Manson-designed Cort signature series for Muse’s Matt Bellamy is a stripped down, hardcore instrument.

You won’t find any MIDI control or in-built effects, just a rock-solid workhorse for those wanting a serious, reliable instrument. It features a beefy humbucker in the bridge, a single coil at the neck, and an easy-tap kill-switch for cutting your signal, creating cool rhythmic patterns in solos, riffs, and feedback.

Cort bits

It also has a nice, flat, shreddy neck for quick and easy playing.

Check out Total Guitar’s review video, showing off the clean tones, driven sound, fuzz effected and that awesome kill-switch!

All in all, a versatile, cool looking tool for the stage and studio, all the more impressive when you see it’s only £399!

If you’re tempted, you might want to check it out on our website. There may be a special surprise waiting for you.


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