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Need affordable, high performance venue PA? Alto TrueSonic might be for you!

Need affordable, high performance venue PA? Alto TrueSonic might be for you!


If your band or venue are looking for a new, ultra-modern PA system to wow your audiences with, we think we might have the range for you!

Alto’s updated “TrueSonic” system was announced at NAMM 2016, and is now available to order with Red Dog Music – the friendly music store based in London, Leeds and Edinburgh.

The standard TrueSonic speakers have been revamped with tuned cabinets, lighter weight speakers, a more professional look, all while keeping the costs thoughtfully low. The “W” and “Vibe” ranges feature wireless BlueTooth streaming and build-in media players, allowing full wireless, creative freedom in your set-ups. Here’s a little round-up of the basic stats and features:

  • TS115-Vibe – 15″ + 1″ system, 800w/126dB peak, 400w RMS. MicroSD & USB media player.
  • TS112w – 12″ + 2″ system, 800w/125dB peak, 400w RMS. Wireless streaming enabled.
  • TS115w – 15″ + 1″ system, 800w/125dB peak, 400w RMS. Wireless streaming enabled.
  • TS110a – 10″ + 1.5″ system, 600w/123dB peak, 300w RMS.
  • TS112a – 12″ + 2″ system, 800w/125dB peak, 400w RMS.
  • TS115a – 15″ + 1″ system, 800w/125dB peak, 400w RMS.
  • TS212 – 12″ + 2.5″ + 1″ system, 1100w/127dB speak, 550w RMS.

It’s also worth noting that the largest full range speaker – the TS115 – only weighs 17kg (or 2 stone, 11lbs for fans of unnecessarily complex, archaic measurement systems). That’s about the weight of a 5 year old child, so as you’ll know that’s quite easy too haul in and out of your car boot. Sorry, that’s quite sinister. Don’t put your kids in the boot. A 5 year old mid-tantrum also peaks at around 125dB, so they also output a similar volume. In fact…


The versatile TrueSonic series also includes passive versions of each speaker if you aren’t able to supply power at each installation point, as well as powerful 12″, 15″ and 18″ subwoofers if you require some extra low-end oomph in your rig. If you’re interested in any of this gear, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The friendly folk at Red Dog Music can help you every step of the way in setting up your dream PA rig to suit your budget.

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