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How is the Bose F1 different to the Bose L1 and L2?

How is the Bose F1 different to the Bose L1 and L2?

Bose have always been at the forefront of portable P.A technology, offering bands the ability to deliver a huge sound with a small footprint, and relatively small budget. Their previous instalments include the tiny but mighty Bose L1 systems, which are able to deliver a 180 degree stereo sound with just one speaker tower. With the further additions of a super pronounced, punchy bass units and a Tonematch mixing desk (all self powered so no need for lots of bassist tripping cables) just about any band can chuck one of these in the boot of a small coupé and still be able to deliver an industry standard professional sound wherever they go.

Fast forward to 2016, and Bose have upped their game with the new Bose F1 systems. These are fully fledged PA Line arrays.


Not sure what a line array is? Well, you know when you watch a festival set at 1am on catch up T.V and there is some curvy shaped speakers hanging above our beloved Kanye’s head? Well, that’s a line array. The purpose of this set-up is to make sure that every person in the crowd is getting an even distribution of Kanye destroying Bohemian Rhapsody, from the people at the very front of the stage trying to catch some drops of designer gold-lined Kanye sweat to the folk far back up on a hill somewhere running for their lives.

linearrayBose have very kindly done the same thing for you! So it doesn’t matter how high up the stage is or how stacked the seating is, with the push of your hand, you can aim your wonderful sound at them. It comes in a few configurations that Bose have tailored to cover all the bases, and with 1000 watts of power per speaker you don’t have to worry about the sound going the distance either.
As always with Bose, this isn’t an all-or-nothing set up. You don’t have to pay for two subs and two tops if you don’t want to, feel free to mix and match whatever suits your requirements. The tops have 8 small speakers in them delivering you that signature Bose clarity, and they come with two configurations “with sub” or “without sub”. “With sub” tells it that you are using it in combination with the sub speaker and therefore leaves all the low end responsibilities to the two 10 inch sub woofers that come in the F1 bass bins, however when you select “without sub” it engages the massive 12 inch speaker cone that is neatly hidden behind the 8 smaller ones. So for more intimate gigs you can leave the sub woofer at home, pop the tops on some standard speaker stands and still be able to deliver a pretty impressive amount of low end. Each speaker has a built-in two input mixer that will allow XLR, jacks or RCA and a volume control for each so you can plug in a mixing desk.


Bose have built these to last, they feel incredibly durable and stable when mounted together. The sub has a speaker mount built into the back of it, making the set up and dismantle of the system very quick and easy. Also for good measure they have even put in space for you to run your cabling to keep it nice and neat and off the floor, because, you know, bassists.

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