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Why your next piano needs to be a Roland Kiyola

Why your next piano needs to be a Roland Kiyola

Red Dog Music are excited to announce the arrival of the Roland Kiyola KF-10, a fabulous new home piano created in partnership with the Karimoku furniture company. Announced at NAMM 2016, the Kiyola promises to deliver Roland’s patented “SuperNATURAL” piano technology in a sleek, sophisticated new design.

In regards to the instrument itself, within the handcrafted housing lies the performance section of the Roland HP605 and Roland LX7 home pianos. Good news for fans of their beautifully weighted and playable keys, and also for discriminating connoisseurs of high quality sound; the Kiyola contains the same range of finely tuned speakers as the renowned Roland HP series.


Very much a “lifestyle” instrument, the minimal – almost cutesy – design of the Roland Kiyola moves away from the traditional dark cabinet we’ve come to associate with the piano and toward a sleeker, more elegant feel that perfectly suits contemporary living. The refined, smooth lines and edges draw on classic Scandinavian furniture from the 1950s, but incorporating the exacting, artistic standards of Karimoku.

To be honest, most readers of this blog will be well aware of just how excellent Roland home pianos are (we talk about them quite a lot) but will largely be totally unfamiliar with Karimoku. For the uninitiated, they’re a Japanese manufacturer of fine home furnishings and decorative, collectable wooden items, with a pristine track record of sustainable, ecologically friendly production. First thing’s first, let’s take a look at their Aichi workshop…


Yup. Pretty impressive, right? Hundreds of incredibly skilled woodworkers transforming ethically sourced, low formaldehyde timbre into world class, chic tables, chairs, desks – and now pianos -using a combination of traditional hand-crafting and modern machining.

My particular favourite spot while browsing the Karimoku website was this incredibly organised, well-kept assortment of drill bits and router heads. Just take a few seconds to have a look at this box of joy:

It’s like a spiky, serrated box of chocolates! You’re probably thinking that I’ve lost the plot, or rambling at the very least, but coming from someone who knows more than a little bit about furniture (I used to manage a solid wood furniture store), this is a sign of a company that really, truly understands and respects their craft.

Back to the Kiyola – the KF-10 package also comes with a handsome little stool that perfectly matches the piano, and the both can come in either natural oak, or a darker walnut stain to suit your existing colour scheme. All of the sound control functions have also been tastefully hidden away to a minimal side panel, reducing distraction whThe Roland Kiyola KF-10 is available to order through Red Dog Music – the UK’s friendliest music store – based in London and Edinburgh.

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