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The game-changing update to the Launch Control XL

The game-changing update to the Launch Control XL


Someone’s certainly been busy in Novation’s “make things awesome” department this month! Fresh off the back of their Circuit firmware update that transformed the little music-maker into a fully fledged performance platform and studio essential, Novation have integrated the widely used Mackie HUI protocol into its Launch Control XL. Yes, yes… I know what you’re thinking. What does that actually mean? Let me put it plainly:

Practically every piece of music production software worth its salt now automatically integrates with the Launch Control XL, automatically mapping the 8 faders to the channels on your virtual mixer, the assignable rotary pots to pan or send controls, and the buttons beneath the faders to control mutes, solos and arming. The remaining pads and knobs can be assigned to whatever you’d find most useful – whether it be track focus, transport control or markers points.

All of a sudden, this relatively inexpensive Ableton controller becomes universally useful, and capable of controlling the finer points of literally any major DAW. Studio One, Cubase, Reaper, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Live, GarageBand, Reason… you name it!

If you’ve been looking for a low cost controller for your producing and performing needs, take a serious look at the Launch Control XL – it could revolutionise your workflow! We have plenty in stock here at Red Dog Music – the UK’s friendliest music store – and are always here to help your make your decision and ensure you get the best deal on the planet.

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