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Looking for the cheapest Moog? Check out the Mother 32!

Looking for the cheapest Moog? Check out the Mother 32!

Few companies in the world have such a remarkable track record of excellence as Moog. Their back catalogue of instruments could easily be confused with a “Top 10 synths of all time” listbait article, but it wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

Unfortunately for the budget-conscious, such unparalleled excellence comes at quite a substantial cost. However, Moog’s new semi-modular synth – the Mother 32 – brings the unparalleled, iconic sound of Moog into never before seen realms of affordability. For around £500, you can pick up a little piece of synth history in the making!


As I previously mentioned, the Mother 32 is semi-modular, meaning that although you can’t remove any sections, you can connect it up via the patch panel, letting you integrate and control another module’s parameters. Alternatively, you can use a separate module to control the Moog.

Just as you’d expect, the Mother 32 features an oscillator, industry-leading filter, a simple sequencer, portamento control (glide) and patch memory to save your favourite sounds. The big thing about this affordable Moog that’s getting people really excited is the possibility of adding to it. With 2 Mothers and a bit of MIDI trickery, you can have Moog polyphony. For under £1,000. More than one note at a time. Moog. Chords on Moog. For the first time in 36 years. There needs to be name for such an exciting prospect… Morgs? Choorg? Hmm.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these excellent, affordable synthesisers, why not check out Red Dog Music – the UK’s friendliest music store? We’ve got them in stock, ready to try and we can price match any competitor.


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