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Buy an Apollo, get BONUS plug-ins! Offer ends June 30th 2016

Buy an Apollo, get BONUS plug-ins! Offer ends June 30th 2016


If you’ve been tempted to upgrade your studio interface to one of Universal Audio’s powerhouse Apollos, this may be the deal that finally tempts you to part with your hard-earned.

Until June 30th 2016, anyone buying an Apollo 8 Duo, Apollo 8 Quad, Apollo Firewire, Apollo 8p, or Apollo 16 will receive a cache of bonus plug-ins when they register their unit. The effects vary slightly from unit to unit, but are mostly of the SSL console and tape emulation variety, detailed in this handy reference…

Apollo 8 DUO: SSL E Series Channel Strip & EP-34 Tape Echo

Apollo 8 QUADApollo FireWire: SSL G Series Bus Compressor, SSL E Series Channel Strip & EP-34 Tape Echo

Apollo 8pApollo 16: Oxide Multi-Track Tape Recorder, EP-34 Tape Echo, SSL G Series Bus Compressor & SSL E Series Channel Strip

That’s a pretty tasty offer, no doubt! The EP-34 tape echo emulator alone retails for £149, and is included with every package. UAD plug-ins are well known and liked in the industry, used by practically every pro studio, producer and mix engineer out there.

For full details, get in touch with your pals at Red Dog Music, or check out the Universal Audio website for terms and condition.

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