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Discount Roland gear: Ex-demo deals at Red Dog Music

Discount Roland gear: Ex-demo deals at Red Dog Music

Exceptional? Exquisite?? Exciting? It’s Ex Demo!

Here at Red Dog Music we love finding bargains that we can pass on to you, our wonderful customers! This month we have some very special Roland products which I felt I should draw your attention to due to the unbelievable value on offer!



Roland LX15E

Up until the latter part of last year, this stunning instrument was Roland’s top of the range upright piano. To call it a “flagship” product does not do it justice! It is, quite simply, one of the best electric pianos in the world down to its amazing SuperNatural sound, multiway acoustic projection speaker system and its incredible piano hammer action. It also looks stunning, ready to fit impressively into any home, hotel or restaurant. Luckily for you, our demonstration model is up sale with a HUGE DISCOUNT. These used to sell for nearly £4000 but we are clearing ours for £2299!! Included in this is a 1 year guarantee and a free, very posh Roland RPS30 Bench!



Roland HP508 Rosewood

If you love the idea of the LX15E but prefer a more traditional rosewood finish, then look no further than the HP508. It actually has the same sound engine and key action as the LX15E, it’s just a bit cheaper. The main differences are actually the cabinet design, the size and the speaker system. I’ve been lucky enough to install quite a lot of these over the last few years and when you play them in any room, they sound beautiful. Perfect for players of all abilities, the HP508 is an ideal choice for your home, school, church, hotel, pub, narrow boat, cruise ship, wedding venue, prison, hospital etc. Additionally, our one is very nearly new and boxed and used to cost £2200. Now it’s £1499!! Get on it!




The term “industry standard” is bandied about liberally in the wonderful world of music retail and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what “industry” is being referred to. The RD700NX stage piano bucks this trend by actually being an industry standard. I’ve seen more of these on more stages than pizzas I’ve eaten and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of pizzas. A lot. Mmmmm pizza! Sorry…I digress. So why is the RD700NX relied upon by so many professional piano players around the world? Firstly, it feels great to play, something that can be hard to achieve in a portable instrument. Next, the piano sound is awesome, every nuance and detail of a fine acoustic grand is present and it can even be manipulated to your own personal taste. The other sounds are also stunning and I’d go as far as to say that the Fender Rhodes sound is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Lastly, it’s great to use, easy to operate and super reliable and tough for life on the road! These used to be around £2000. How much now? It’s such a good deal, we can’t even publish it. Please CALL!!




This thing is a beast! It has so many functions and features that even I, the Roland Product Specialist can’t remember them all. Here’s what I do know. The BK-9 is a high end arranger keyboard. This means it’s full of amazing backing styles for you to play along with. The sound quality rivals and in some cases, actually exceeds much more expensive arrangers on the market and its slick design, means it’s easy to take around with you. It has a fully functional drawbar organ built in, a USB recorder to capture performances, a 16 track sequencer for composing, over 1700 tones, 500 backing styles, microphone input, USB connection, style composer, loads of effects and two big screens for clear operation. When you type BK9 into google, it comes up with lots of pictures of knives. The Roland BK9 is much better than a knife. Although it’s clear sound will ‘cut’ through on stage and we’ve slashed our price to only £949 on our demo model.



All these ex demo models will come with at least a 1 year warranty and Mainland UK shipping is free. Ex demo stock can have a slight amount of cosmetic damage as it has been used and sometimes does not come in the original packaging. This is why we are able to offer such a great price. If you are unsure, feel free to contact the store with any questions about the condition of an item and we’ll be more than happy to help out. Watch this space for more bargains!

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