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Strymon effects pedals now in stock!

Strymon effects pedals now in stock!

If you follow what goes on in the world of guitar effects, chances are you’ve heard of these guys. Well, now we’re pleased to welcome them within the wonderful walls of the Red Dog Music world: say hello to the incredible range of Strymon effects.

Strymon Mobius

Introducing Strymon Pedals

If you already know why Strymon effects are right up there with the best guitar pedals, you can probably skip this bit. If you don’t, then read on…

With so many companies out there already making superb guitar effects – and with a long and illustrious history doing so- why should you be interested in one that’s only been around since 2008?

Well, because they sound awesome.

Strymon El Capistan

Not only do they sound awesome at what they were designed to do, the Strymon philosophy also seems to go beyond that, taking their pedals to places that go beyond the emulation, but that still sound awesome.

Let’s take a look at the Strymon Deco tape saturation and doubletracking pedal. Now, if you’ve used tape saturation effects before, you’ll know that they are usually quite subtle effects, giving a bit of ‘thickness’ to sounds, and taming some of those high-frequency transients. The Strymon Deco does the same, but crank the saturation knob a bit more, and you can go beyond that, turning the Deco into a fantastic overdrive effect.

Strymon effects beyond the pedalboard

The other reason we love Strymon effects, is that they’re not just guitar pedals. With many of the pedals offering stereo inputs and outputs, the Strymon range is perfect for your keyboards.

Beyond that, the superb audio performance and great signal-to-noise ratio means that you can also use your Strymon pedals in the studio. Nothing beats passing your tracks through and recording some real-time knob tweaking.

And that’s before we even start talking about combining the Strymon pedals with your modular synth… Get these hooked into your ALM SBG or pedal interface of choice and get creating!

Great pedals, great company?

Of course, Strymon pedals aren’t at the budget end of the spectrum, although neither are they at the silly esoteric end of the spectrum, and you get a lot of effect for the money…

That said, it’s great when a premium-level company offers a premium service, and Strymon certainly seem to do that. Spend a bit of time on their YouTube channel and you’ll find some thoroughly comprehensive demos and tutorials that help you not only help you narrow down which pedal might be right for you, but help you get the most out of it once you’ve got it home.

Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb

The Strymon blog is also full of handy hints and interesting content, as well as highlighting 3rd party developments that can add to your pedals functionality, such as this random preset generator for the Mobius, BigSky and Timeline.

Also, as much as I rally against many ‘you’re all our best friends, let’s be really familiar’ meet the team pages, I really like the Strymon ‘about’ page; finding out who’s a ‘Telecaster Titan’ and who is the ‘Owner of Chirping Phone’ makes me warm to them as a company.

I want a Mobius and a Dig.

And a BlueSky.

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