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The new Orange Crush Bass amps are here!

The new Orange Crush Bass amps are here!

The best thing about the fantastic new range of Orange Crush Bass amplifiers is that I get to put the video to a cracking tune on the blog.

I like doing that. I also like the look of the new Orange Crush Bass amps – which arrived in our Leeds and Edinburgh stores this very day, actually – with their great mix of features combined with that classic Orange sound and even more classic Orange design!

Orange Crush Bass Range

There are 3 models in the range: the Orange Crush Bass 25, Crush Bass 50 and Crush Bass 100, with all three available in orange or black finishes. As you can imagine, the three models give you three choices of power, I’ll leave it to you to work out how many Watts each model in the range gives you!

With features including a three-band EQ section with a semi-parametric mid-band, 6 dB input pad to cope with your high-output pickups, cabinet-emulated headphone outputs, auxiliary inputs and an onboard tuner, the Orange Crush Bass amps are pretty impressively specified.

Orange Crush Bass 25 Controls

Orange Crush Bass 50 Controls

Orange Crush Bass 100 Controls

Additionally, the 50 and 100 Watt models also feature a buffered effects loop and the gain and blend controls from the OB-1 range for ‘bi-amped’ tones. The Orange Crush Bass 100 then adds a balanced output on XLR for excellent gig integration.

As with the upgrade to their guitar Crush series, the Orange Bass Crush amps are sure to prove very popular, so give us a shout now if you want to get one from the first batch into the UK.


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