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Look after your most important instrument – your ears!

Look after your most important instrument – your ears!

If I could start by borrowing from one of my favourite novels:

“I’d like to ask you more about your ears if I may,” I said.

“You want to ask whether or not my ears possess some special power?”

I nodded. 

“See what I mean?” She said. 

She’d become so beautiful, it defied understanding. Never had I feasted my eyes on such beauty. It transcended all concepts within the boundaries of my awareness. She was at one with her ears, gliding down the oblique face of time like a protean beam of light.

“You are extraordinary.” I said after catching my breath.

”I know.” she said. “These are my ears in their unblocked state.”

Hearology Hearing Test

Whether you make a living from your music, play, mix, produce or dj for fun, or just enjoy listening now and again, we’re sure you value the importance of a quality listening experience. And, while we all love treating ourselves to some quality headphones, a great new set of monitors or some acoustic treatment, things really come down to one of those final links in the chain: your ears.

And we only get one set of those.

We generally go to the dentist (come on, at least occasionally) and the optician, why have we forgotten about our ears. Well, we’ve got one group of folks calling into our Edinburgh store this weekend who aim to change all that.

Let’s let them take up the story…

Hearology is a new kind of ear care company that is spreading awareness of hearing loss prevention and how to get the most out of your life through getting more out of your ears. As a company, it brings the care and experience of seasoned audiologists together with experts from the worlds of technology, music and business, so as to move forward in what has been, until now, a slow­-moving industry. Hearology’s vision is to make ear care as commonplace as visiting the dentist or optician.

Hearology believes that the future of hearing technology lies in bespoke, fully personalised devices. Ears are like snowflakes ­ each and every one is unique, and this is why Hearology’s earware is tailored to fit for your ears only, using information from revolutionary, 3D ear scanners (made by United Sciences), which create an exact digital image of your outer ear and ear canal.

Hearology is popping up in locations across the UK in the next few weeks on its maiden, UK ear tour, to provide F​REE​3D ear scans for perfect­-fit, custom earware!

What is the scan used for?

  • ­  Biometric hearables: ‘The Aware’ from United Sciences
  • ­  Custom hearing protection (with flat attenuation) for musicians and music lovers
  • ­  Custom, environment­specific hearing protection for those surrounded by noise at work
  • ­  Custom earphones for audiophiles and sports people
  • ­  Custom earplugs for swimming, sleeping or flyingHaving your ears scanned now means that you can be first in line for any future developments in hearable technology.

    In addition, like any of our clinics, we’ll be bringing at least one of our audiologists, and some state­of­the­art audiology equipment, to provide initial consultations on any ear­related problems.”

And one of those locations just happens to be Red Dog Music in Edinburgh, on the 30th and 31st July so, if you want a free ear scan for some custom ear protection to look after the most critical part of your monitoring chain, call in this weekend!

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