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Komplete 11 Announced!

Komplete 11 Announced!


Komplete 11 Native Instruments

There’s been some exciting news from Native Instruments today, Komplete 11 is on its way. The new bundle is out on September 1st and available for pre-order as of today!

NI Komplete 11


What’s new in the world of Komplete 11? We’ll give you a proper review once we’ve had our hands on it, but for now let’s look at the key features.. and at that beautiful packaging design.. The new generation K11 suite has pretty much every aspect of computer-based music production covered: it contains 45 products and over 13,000 production-ready sounds. And with over 155 GB of instruments and effects, you’re able to work with almost every sound you could possibly dream of.

The Komplete 11 bundle comes with a new Reaktor 6 platform and Reaktor Blocks. Amongst those new products is also a promising new synthesiser: Form, which they’re saying will be transforming the space between sampling and synthesis. Here is a preview of what you can expect from Form and how visually satisfying it is:

Komplete 11

K11 will also feature a new world instrument sample, a new acoustic piano, strummed acoustic guitar and ‘Kinetic Metal’, a new cinematic sound. So there is a lot of new stuff to explore, and it all comes on one hard drive now too.

NI Komplete

We’re taking pre-orders as of right now, so if you’re an existing Komplete user looking to upgrade, you’ll find our upgrade options here. And if you’re starting out with Komplete, the new generation comes in three different options:

Komplete 11 Ultimate, Komplete 11 and Komplete Select

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