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My first [left-handed Fender 62 FSR] Jazzmaster

My first [left-handed Fender 62 FSR] Jazzmaster

Our guitar specialist, Gregor, was so excited by his first experience with a left-handed Fender 62 Jazzmaster he wrote a poem about it.

The Red Dog Music Poetry Society presents:

My First Jazzmaster

By Gregor, aged 26 1/3

One fateful Monday, quite dreary and drab,
My attention a stray call from Emmett did grab.
“We’ve got a Jazzmaster, it’s lefty and new!”
“A Fender for me? Oh yeah, sure we do!”

But lo and behold, as I scaled down the stairs,
Emmett was holding a box of new wares.
I ripped up the cardboard and there in my view –
A Japanese Fender Jazzmaster ’62.

What a delight it turned out to be –
Sunburst with rosewood, selector of three:
Neck, bridge, both together. Oh, did I mention?
Two different circuits deserve some attention.

Lead gives you access to the full sonic plate
While switching to Rhythm the top end does gate.
A dark, mellow tone through which big chords sang
Fantastic contrast to the Lead circuit’s twang.

I cranked the gain, the amp sounded sublime!
The two different circuits responded in kind:
A bright, biting lead, a dulled lo-fi roar,
Everything between and probably more.

The guitar opened up as I continued to play
My dislike of rosewood was fading away.
The only shame here is but one complaint:
The Jazzmaster bridge deserves to be changed.

So, I’m a big fan of alternative bands,
post-rock and shoegaze…I now understand
Why Messrs like Mascis, Costello and Moore
Have fallen for the Jazzmaster’s trademark allure.

And here you might question “What did I gain
From reading a poem with such dull refrains?
Well, we here at Red Dog try hard to amuse,
With our many reviews for you to peruse.
(If you want a real answer – it’s simply for kicks.
I can do what I want ‘cause I’m twenty-six.)

Fender Japan 62 Jazzmaster Left Handed

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