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What can I fit in my Mono bag?

What can I fit in my Mono bag?

Acorns, sufficient hummus to cover half a dozen water biscuits, half a dozen water biscuits, your favourite fridge magnets and the keys to a 1993 Volkswagen Corrado. All of these things – and more – can fit inside one of the many super-useful bags from Mono.


Of course, you may not have a Volkswagen Corrado. You may not like water biscuits. However, you may like to take your controllers to the gig, your laptop to the coffee shop, or your mics and pedals to the rehearsal room, and that’s where the Mono range of bags comes in more than handy.

We already know that Mono bags are robust, well-featured, and offer a host of little details that just makes them particularly useful. But while the product specs may give you the dimensions, sometimes you just want to get an idea of the sort of kit that you can get in there. So, in much the same way that the football pitches and double decker buses have become standardised units of contextual measurement, we try and tell you how capacious these bags are, with things you might have.

The Mono Kontroller

Perfect for large DJ controllers such as the NI Traktor S4, but also perfect for a Roland SPD-SX or System-1, or an Ampeg PF350.

The Mono 365

Designed for laptop-based DJ setups; the expandable record slot secures a small stack of vinyls and a removable inner divider creates extra space for a larger stack of vinyls, portable mixer or controllers such as the Akai APC40.

Mono EFX 365

The Mono Fader

Hybrid dj setup? No problem. The Mono EFX fader fits your 15″ laptop and 30 records in the main compartment, with space for your headphones and smaller controllers in the front pocket.

The Mono Kondensor

The rear compartment fits a 17″ laptop in a separate padded sleeve (with room for 2 more, should you need to take 3 laptops with you); 5 outer pockets let you organise all your fiddly wee things appropriately!

The Mono Producer

This one’s sort of up to you. Get your 17″ laptop in the sleeve, the use – or remove – the two dividers to pack whatever you need – SLR camera body and lenses divided, to smaller mixers and controllers.

The Mono Flyby

The perfect bag for the laptop musician! Get your 17″ laptop in there, with plenty of space for a portable interface, headphones and a controller!

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