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What’s new on the Hamstead Artist mkII amplifiers?

What’s new on the Hamstead Artist mkII amplifiers?

When I started to get involved with the stock purchasing here at Red Dog Music, the first line I really wanted to get into Red Dog Music was Hamstead amplifiers.

James and Peter Hamstead themselves drove up from Cambridgeshire, I saw the amp, heard the amp, and they drove back down again. Not only were they really nice guys, but they had created an amplifier that was possibly the best amp I’d ever had the joy to plug a guitar into.


Hamstead amps on finance

Now, I don’t want to oversell my abilities at knowing what’s good tone, but, when people like Carl Verheyen and James Bay agree with you, you think you might be onto something…

So, for me, it is very satisfying to see just how successful these amplifiers have been. Of course, you might take the recommendation of someone who works for a music shop with a pinch of salt – and rightly so! – but if you aren’t able to make it in to try one out for yourself, then why not take a read of the Sound on Sound review and see what they had to say…

To summarise, they were more than pretty impressed and, given the fact that they’re in the top five viewed products on our website pretty much every day, I think it’s fair to say that SoS and I are in very good company…

What’s new in Hamstead Artist mkII?

Recently, Hamstead upgraded the Artist 20 series of amps to the mk2 spec, so how do you make a great amplifier even more greaterer (that, kids – and English teachers-  is of course grammatically incorrect, however, I use it in this case as an emphatic, so that makes it okay)?

Well, the differences might be subtle, but there’s no doubting that it’s a useful set of upgrades, combining features that are personal preference ‘set and forget’, to those that make this an even more versatile amplifier:

  1. A bright switch. As you might expect, gives that bit more top-end sheen; great for humbuckers.
  2. The ‘Voice’ switch now gives you a choice of amount of boost in the upper-mids: 2, 3.5 or 5 dB
  3. Clean gain switch: when switched to ‘Lo’, the preamp gain drops for even more clean headroom

Not too bad a set of upgrades, is it? Evolutionary rather than revolutionary perhaps, but it sounds like the sort of features that an amplifier company would implement having listened to its players for a while…

And that’s why we like them. That, and they sound properly sweet as [insert own similie noun here].

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