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Boss and Roland Blues Cube Audition – win a Christmas Cracker!

Boss and Roland Blues Cube Audition – win a Christmas Cracker!

Right, so, another short and sweet as we’re sure you’ll want to crack on with the incredible Blues Cube Audition Competition!

To sum up – at the beginning, I know, not really proper, but we know your time’s important – the Boss and Roland Blues Cube Audition competition is your chance to take home a Christmas cracker of goodies. Not that they’d fit in a Christmas cracker of course. Even the expensive ones where instead of a toy you get a small socket set or a miniature collection of copper saute pans.

Blues Cube Audition Competition

No, the Boss and Roland Blues Cube Audition competition gives you the chance to win:

Roland Blues Cube BC-TOUR – Flagship Blues Cube 100w Head, BC-CAB410 – 4×10 Custom Blues Cube Speaker Cabinet, GA-FC – Foot Controller for Blues Cube, AC-3 Acoustic Simulator, AW-3 Auto Wah, BD-2W WAZA Blues Driver, BF-3 Flanger, CE-2W WAZA Chorus, CH-1 Chorus, CS-3 Compressor/Sustainer, DD-3 Digital Delay, DD-500 Digital Delay, DM-2W WAZA Analogue Delay, DS-1 Distortion, DS-1X Distortion, DS-2 Turbo Distortion, ES-8 Effects Switching System, EV-5 Expression Pedal, FS-7 Footswitch, FV-30H Volume Pedal, FZ-5 Fuzz, GE-7 Graphic Equalizer, JC-01 Jazz Chorus Blue Tooth Speaker, MD-2 Mega Distortion, ML-2 Metal Core, MO-2 Multi Overtone, MT-2 Metal Zone, NS-2 Noise Suppressor, OC-3 Super Octave, OD-1X Overdrive, OD-3 Overdrive, OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion, PH-3 Phase Shifter, PS-6 Harmonist, PW-3 Dual Mode Analogue Wah, RC-300 LoopStation, RE-20 Space Echo, RT-20 Rotary Ensemble, RV-6 Reverb, SD-1W WAZA Super Overdrive, SL-20 Slicer, ST-2 Power Stack, SY-300 Guitar Synth, TE-2 Tera Echo, TR-2 Tremolo, TU-3W WAZA Tuner, VB-2W WAZA Vibrato, VO-1 Vocoder.


Not quite enough for you? How about the prize includes a year’s worth of plectrums in a special BOSS display case, A BOSS bar stool, a premium leather BOSS guitar strap, 2 x 20’ BOSS guitar cables, 6 x BOSS patch cables, TU-01 Clip on Tuner, BOSS guitar care kit and BOSS String Winder.


There you go. Oh, and there’s more! Let’s take a quick look at the Official Blues Cube Audition video:

Comment away my poetic, insightful and verbose friends! The best comment each week will win a Boss accessory bundle worth over £600! I’m afraid though, there there has been no mention of a high-visibility jacket, vest, tabard or smock being included in the prize bundle; you will have to supply your own.


Right, so, the important stuff: the competition runs from October 1st to December 22nd, with the grand prize winner announced on Christmas day.

To enter (in case patience was your enemy and you skipped the video): just call into your favourite friendly music store, audition a Roland Blues Cube (you can see where they got the name for this…), take a picture and post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag with #bluescube and #bluescubeaudition, and register for the Blues Cube Audition competition at Easy!

Right, enough said! Y’all crack on with your guitar shop demo riffs practice and we’ll see you later.

Best of luck!

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