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Buy an Apollo Twin before 2017 and get warm!

Buy an Apollo Twin before 2017 and get warm!

It’s time for another fantastic Universal Audio deal! And this one might be just the very thing for you

This autumn, well, and a bit of winter I ‘spose, take home a Universal Audio Apollo Twin and warm up your sound with some free plugins of your favourite analogue gear.

Apollo Twin plugin deal

Let’s look at this deal in a bit more detail. I mean, it really is a pretty simple one, everything happens behind the scenes, there’s nothing you really have to do, it just happens and you get free plugins.

When you buy a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface from now until before the year 2016 ticks over into 2017, you get some free plugins that put those famous analogue sounds in your mixes. All you need to do is buy your interface in the aforementioned timeframe, and the free plugins will be in your account when you register.

Nothing to redeem, nothing else to do. Unless, of course, you already own one or more of the plugins in the offer – maybe you already have a UAD2 Satellite with a few plugins activated – in which case you’ll receive a coupon for the UA webstore that you can put towards some new sonic wranglers and manglers.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin

If you’re looking at the Apollo Twin Solo, you’ll receive some classic analogue sounds in the form of the Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection and the
Oxide Tape Recorder Plug-In. If you opt for the Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt or Twin Duo USB, you’ll claim the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection in addition to those. Not too shabby. We’ll close out with the obligatory Ts & Cs and leave you mull that one over…

This promotion is valid for any new Apollo Twin audio interface purchased from an authorised UA dealer between October 1st and December 31st, 2016, and cannot be combined with UAD-2 hardware received as part of any other hardware or software promotion. All promotional fulfillment, including coupon redemptions, are subject to approval by Universal Audio.

Apollo Twin customers must register their new interface(s) before January 7th, 2017 to receive free plug-ins or equivalent plug-in coupon. Plug-in coupon must be redeemed one month from registration date and cannot be combined with other offers. Plug-in coupon valid on select UA-developed plug-in titles only.

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