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It’s the Red Dog Music Hallowe’en playlist!

It’s the Red Dog Music Hallowe’en playlist!

Hallowe’en can be great fun, but don’t you find yourself all to often being forced to get down n’ funky to the Monster Mash just one too many times? Well, what you need is the Red Dog Music hallowe’en playlist!

Halloween Playlist

Now, I’ll admit, this isn’t necessarily a playlist that’s designed to pack the dancefloor, but then, I’m not really a dancer. However, if, like me, you enjoy to spend hallowe’en in your favourite easy chair wearing your warmest slippers having loosened your wool tie underneath your tweed waistcoat while a generous glass of supermarket own-brand tawny port occupies your left hand, allowing your right hand to tap in (almost) time with the soundtrack that emenates from your most favouritist comfortablist headphones, then this might be the playlist for you.

The ultimate hallowe’en playlist!

So, fire on, lights down, headphones on, phone off, volume up and enjoy, what we think anyway is, a pretty awesome collection of tunes that seem appropriately suited to the day…

Ryan Adams – Halloweenhead

Let’s start off everyone’s favourite songsmith and Taylor Swift interviewer.

Fiona Apple – Werewolf

A cracking tune from our favourite shadowboxer…

R Dean TaylorThere’s a Ghost in My House

All the way from Wigan Casino!

The CrampsI Was a Teenage Werewolf

Moving on with the pioneers of psychobilly:

Marissa NadlerHungry is the Ghost

Not only is the song title hallowe’en-themed, but she’s also signed to (the rather more tenuously hallowe’en-related) Sacred Bones Records!


The CranberriesZombie

Featuring my favourite one-finger guitar chord.

The MisfitsHalloween

Horror punk. Surely none more hallowe’en!

Alison KraussGhost in This House

Simply amazing. Originally by Shenandoah, but this is my pick.

Willie NelsonGravedigger

For the Archer fans out there: Outlaw country!

Veronica FallsFound Love in a Graveyard

If you haven’t listened to this record, give it a go…

Dusty SpringfieldSpooky

Staple of my record box.

Kate BushHammer Horror


GrimesScream ft. Aristophanes

Hope you’re not scared of frogs…

Frank SinatraWitchcraft

Great tune, although it is on the Fifty Shades soundtrack…

Coleman HawkinsPhantomesque

Get your tenor sax on…

Robert JohnsonHellhound on my Trail

Quite simply amazing.

Happy hallowe’en all y’all!

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