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Solo, Duo, Quad or Octo – how much UAD2 DSP power do I need?

Solo, Duo, Quad or Octo – how much UAD2 DSP power do I need?

One question we are often asked about the Universal Audio interfaces and DSP units is “how much DSP do I need?” With a choice of Solo, Duo and Quad interfaces, and Quad and Octo DSP cards and satellites, what’s the right amount of plugin processing power for you?

How many UAD2 cores do I need?

Well, Universal Audio – those helpful folks that they are – have created a most useful table for you: the UAD2 Plugin Instance chart!

If you are looking around trying to work out how much DSP is right for you, this is a stupendously useful tool to get an idea of what sort of session you can expect to run on your hardware.

Want to use your the SSL E Series Channel Strip as your standard mix tool on every channel? A Duo Core will let you run 26 mono instances. Looking to take advantage of the Manley Massive Passive EQ when mastering? A Duo will let you run 2 stereo instances, so if you were planning to use other UAD plugins on the session, you might need to think about a Quad…

UAD2 Plugin Chart

So, the UAD2 plugin instance chart is a handy thing to take a look at when thinking about which Apollo interface or DSP card is right for you.

But we’re not done there, for the next three weeks or so, when you take home an Apollo rack interface, Universal Audio will send you a Quad Satellite unit, so DSP power shouldn’t be much of an issue for you!

As usual, if you’ve got any questions about the Apollo or UAD2 DSP range, please get in touch and we can sit down and work out what will be right for you.

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