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Musical instrument and equipment insurance – the smart way to rock and roll!

Musical instrument and equipment insurance – the smart way to rock and roll!

Do you know if your musical equipment is insured when you’re gigging? It’s not the most rock ‘n’ roll thing to do, but making sure you have the right insurance for your gear is essential.

For many people, whether music making is a favourite hobby, or the way you make a living, your musical equipment is a prized possession. Musicians know that gear isn’t just something that makes noise, but it’s a way to express yourself. Much like other high value and desirable items, specialist insurance is available to protect your equipment.

Musical instrument insurance

It’s surprising how many people don’t insure musical equipment. It isn’t the first thing you immediately think of, but it is definitely something to consider if you want to keep your prized possession protected. You don’t have to be a professional performer to warrant getting your instruments insured.

Allianz are the UK’s leading specialist instrument insurer, offering comprehensive insurance for all types of musical instruments and equipment. The world of insurance can be a minefield, but there are several flexible policies Allianz offer to meet the needs of musicians at all levels. They cover anything from your guitar or amplifier, to your laptop or interface and even didgeridoos! So why trust anyone other than the industry leaders to look after your gear?

Checking your insurance cover and making sure you have the right cover in place is something to be encouraged. For musicians, cover can vary dramatically, particularly with home insurers. You may wish to consider some of the following points:

  • Does your insurance cover you when you are paid to play your instrument?
  • Does your insurance have a single item claim limit?
  • Will adding an instrument to your home insurance increase your premium?
  • Would a claim affect your premium or no claims discount?
  • Are hire costs covered by your policy?
  • Will your excess cost the world?

Allianz also offer one month free when you take out a new policy. You can find out more information by visiting


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