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The Elektron Digitakt drum machine and sampler. That is all.

The Elektron Digitakt drum machine and sampler. That is all.

I mean, really, any Elektron product release is a joy, but the Elektron Digitakt drum machine and sampler just seems to be where it’s at.

But why do I think that?

Elektron Digitakt drum machine and sampler

Meet the Elektron Digitakt

I love the Elektron gear. As a former Machinedrum and Monomachine owner, user and enthusiast, I’ve been converted. Got out of making electronic music, got back into it, and wish I still had them around.

The Elektron Digitakt may well be my first gear purchase of 2017.

The Machinedrum was such a hugely impressive piece of kit, I barely scratched the surface of what it could do. What it did tell me though, was that Elektron know electronic drum sounds, and they know how to make some of the most creatively inspiring sequencers known to man.

The parameter lock will be with me forever.

Elektron Digitakt groovebox

The Elektron Digitakt sampling drum machine seems to do what I, and I’m sure many thousands of people will want it to do. It offers 8 audio tracks, 8 MIDI sequencer tracks, oh, and it’s Overbridge compatible. For modern DAW-based workflows, this is a huge bonus. The Digitakt is a self-contained, standalone piece of hardware that you can interact with in the way that it seems sometimes you can only interact with a piece of hardware, but it let’s you take those creations into your DAW session seamlessly for the next stages of the process.

The Elektron Digitakt also features a multi-mode filter per track, delay and reverb send effects, and assignable LFO per track, 64 MB sample memory and 1 GB of +drive storage. And I’ll mention it again: Overbridge compatibility!

What’s all this Elektron Digitakt Overbridge stuff?

Simple, it means the lines between hardware and software blur. When you want a standalone hardware box, the Elektron Digitakt is a standalone hardware box. When you want to take things to the DAW, the Digitakt becomes a plugin. If you want an idea of just how easy it us, check this out:

Anyway, in case you hadn’t guessed I’m sold.

And if they’re talking about a price of $650 dollars, it becomes a lot more realistic for those of us who couldn’t stretch to an Analog RYTM. I think this one could be huge.

The current estimate is that we should start receiving first shipments of the Elektron Digitakt in April, so if you want to get your name on the list, give us a shout!


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