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Limited Edition Exotic Wood Fender Pine Jazzmaster and Shedua Stratocaster

Limited Edition Exotic Wood Fender Pine Jazzmaster and Shedua Stratocaster

And there was me thinking I didn’t need any more guitars… These two beauties are part of Fender’s FSR Exotic Wood series of instruments for 2017. There are some nice guitars in there, but my pick of the bunch are the stunning FSR Limited Edition Shedua Top Stratocaster and the FSR Limited Edition American Professional Reclaimed Pine Jazzmaster Natural.

Limited Edition Fender FSR Shedua Top Stratocaster

Guibourtia ehie may not be a species with which you are familiar, but, boy, pop it on the top of a Strat, give it a bit of a polish and it looks pretty striking, doesn’t it?

Not only that, it’s marked as ‘least concern’ on the conservation list, which is always a good thing to see when you’re buying a new guitar.

On with the instrument though. At it’s heart, this is an American Professional instrument, albeit one with an Okoume body topped with that figured shedua.

The neck is the same modern deep C profile we saw on the American Professional series Strats, although rendered in figured maple this time. Hardware and electronics are again AmPro grade, with those cracking V-Mod pickups and the handy pop-in trem arm.

Also, have you seen that pickguard? I, foolishly, missed out on a Rustic Ash Telecaster, but the reappearance of the anodised aluminium pickguard is good to see.

I really like the Shedua Strat. If I had a home library, the sort with no visible wall, just books, with a distressed brown (or red) leather armchair in the corner, a small – but choice – selection of single cask bourbon on a shelf, this would be the guitar that perched on the stand in the corner.

Fender FSR Shedua Top Stratocaster

Limited Edition Fender FSR Reclaimed Pine Jazzmaster Natural

Moving on to the Fender FSR Jazzmaster Reclaimed Pine, this is the guitar I’d have in the back living room. The Den if you will. On the wall though; I wouldn’t want anyone to think they could just touch it…

Again, the Reclaimed Pine Jazzmaster follows the feature list and spec sheet of the American Professional series Jazzmaster, but with that body and the anodised aluminium pickguard.

Fender FSR Reclaimed Pine Jazzmaster NaturalWe have one of each of these on order. The Strat is due to land with us in May, and a lengthy wait until December for the Jazzmaster, but I think these are going to be worth an investment of your patience. They are both likely to retail for around £1889 or thereabouts, so get in touch if you want to talk over a pre-order or if you have any questions.


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