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The Digitech Freqout feedback pedal: sustain for days without hearing loss!

The Digitech Freqout feedback pedal: sustain for days without hearing loss!

Introducing the Digitech Freqout feedback pedal. A pedal that might find a home in the pedalboards of more than just full-stack rocksmiths…

Digitech FreqoutI am not a full stack rocksmith. I play a bit of crunch through an AC15, but I want this pedal. I remember one gig, the backline volume was ‘respectable’ shall we say, and I was playing my semi-hollow 339. I got to a sustained note in the solo, turned towards my amp slightly, and was rewarded with that singing, infinitely sustaining sound that I could control just by turning to or from the amp.

To be able to have that sound at your feet and instantly controllable is the thing of dreams.

It seems Gabrielle was right.

The Digitech Freqout Feedback Generator

With the Digitech Freqout pedal at your feet, it seems as though those sounds are just a stomp away. And they’re just a stomp away at much more friendly volumes.

The Freqout lets you choose which harmonic overtones are emphasised, so you can dial in just the sort of sound you need, and the gain and onset controls let you control how loud the feedback effect is, and when it appears.

The pedal also features a switch to kill your dry sound when engaged, as well as the ability to have the pedal work in a normal latching mode, or a momentary mode – the effect is only active as long as you hold the switch.

And that LED meter looks cool as.

We’re hoping the Digitech Freqout will be with us next month, so get in touch if you want us to let you know when we’ve got ’em!

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