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The new Mackie Big Knob range is here: Passive, Studio & Studio+

The new Mackie Big Knob range is here: Passive, Studio & Studio+

In the day of the home studio, or even the professional, mixer-less studio, sometimes the simple things can be the most useful. Such as a volume control. And that’s where the new version – a whole range in fact – of the Mackie Big Knob: the Big Knob Passive, Studio and Studio Plus.

When you’re working in the studio, there’s just something handy about being able to turn the volume up and down when you need to, and that’s before you even get to those other useful features. Let’s take a look at the range and see which is the right one for your studio.

Mackie Big Knob Series

Mackie Big Knob Passive

The Mackie Big Knob Passive may be the smallest of the range, but it’s a lot more thoroughly featured than you might expect, particularly for a product that is likely to come in at under £100.

The Big Knob Passive features two pairs of inputs, with the second pair also offering a minijack input, so you can easily check those reference mixes from your phone.

With mute and dim buttons – always handy when someone pops in mid listen to ask if you want a cuppa – and the hugely useful mono button, the Big Knob Passive adds a lot of useful features inbetween your interface and monitors – including, of course, that big volume knob.

And it doesn’t even need a power supply!

Mackie Big Knob StudioMackie Big Knob Studio

If you need a bit more flexibility in your connectivity options, the Big Knob Studio might be the one for you. With a choice of 3 input sources and two outputs – with independent trim controls for all, and a pair of headphone outs, the Big Knob Studio ups the game a bit.

Oh, and it’s also a USB audio interface.

The Big Knob Studio has the functionality to really be the centrepiece of your studio – or a great option for producing on location without having to unrack your main interface – with its USB audio interface and its pair of Onyx preamps, that also offer phantom power for your condenser mics.

The Big Knob Studio also adds a talkback microphone to really give you back the features you miss when you aren’t sitting by the master section of a large console.

Mackie Big Knob Studio Plus

For the next level of studio controllability, take a look at the Big Knob Studio Plus, or Studio+ if you prefer. Mackie do.

The Big Knob Studio Plus takes the Big Knob Studio and ups it to a choice of 4 sources and 3 monitor pairs, ups the audio interface to 2×4 and resolution of up to 24-bit/192 kHz, as well as providing additional features such as an external mic input for the talkback system and support for footswitch control.

All in all, not a bad range really, but for me the pick of the bunch is the Big Knob Passive. If this does come in at the price we think, this will be a great solution for almost any studio, letting you connect a ‘grotbox’ monitor, or simply letting you play music from your phone through your monitors without having to turn on your computer. I like this little one a lot…

We’re expecting stock of the new Mackie Big Knob Series to be available in the next couple of weeks, so get in touch if you have any questions or want to be first in the queue!


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