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Sunday Spotlight: Schtang

Sunday Spotlight: Schtang

It’s the Red Dog Music Sunday Spotlight! This week in Sunday Spotlight, we meet:

1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff.
Yo! My name is Alasdair and I produce under the alias ‘Schtang‘. I’m an Australian temporarily living in London, working by day and producing on hardware by night :p
schtang-spotlight22. Tell us a bit about the music you make.
I came from a DJ background and my first few years of production were DAW based. I was trying to implement my music into my DJ sets so most of my work was dependant upon the BPM I was spinning on the weekends. Namely deep dubstep, garage and dark / minimal / fidget / halfstep DnB. All my early productions were in the Bass music area.

A little over a year ago I bought my first piece of hardware, an old Electribe ER-1 mk2. It quickly pushed me in a whole different direction and I’ve since left DAWs altogether to produce all sorts of genres and styles. Regardless of the BPM or genre I’m producing; I generally have a dank atmospheric feel, big dubby percussive delays, tribalist drums and deep sub bass.

3. When did you start and what made you want to start making music?
I started producingaround 5 years ago. At the time I was DJing every weekend either in clubs or at big Aussie forest raves called ‘Doofs’. A lot of the musicians around me were also producing and I would sit in their studios while they made bangers. It all seemed so complicated and alien to me until a friend of mine showed me a fantastic beginners tutorial series for Ableton by the amazing Tom Cosm. He made everything seem so simple and doable and it felt totally possible. I don’t know why I really started but it soon became my primary creative outlet and now I don’t know how I’d live without it :)
4. Stage or studio?
I used to love the stage experience, and would do DJ sets of my DAW productions. Since moving to a 100% hardware setup I’ve felt like I started all over again. It’s been about a year now and I’m gradually building up confidence to do a live hardware show. At the moment all my hardware songs online are in the form of live YouTube videos which I guess is my ‘stage’ right now and I do regard it as a performance when I record my finished products.

5. What gear do you use to make your tunes?
I’m currently rocking a pretty budget setup. Most of my studio has come from Red Dog in fact :) The brain and sequencer of my rig is an Electribe2. I’m a big KORG fan and most of my gear is KORG. I recently bought a KORG Electribe ESX1 to go along with it and between the two I have almost everything I need. I have a Volca Bass, Sample and my personal favourite synth the Volca Keys. I have the Teenage Engineering PO12, PO14 and the PO20. Along with a huge Mackie 2404 VLZ4 desk and some lovely Eve Audio SC207s and their monster TS108 sub. I’m saving up for my first proper synth: The Moog Sub37 right now which I should get in the next month or so :) after that who knows? I think perhaps a poly synth of some kind and maybe I’ll dip my toes into the money sinkhole that is Modular. Even though I’m currently using the less expensive stuff, I feel I really push it to the limits and am finding everything I have to be quite capable of what I want to make.

Red Dog Music Sunday Spotlight
6. And what is your choice bit of gear and why?
Well, everything is made possible right now by my E2. It’s just a great brain for me and very capable in almost every regard. I love using it’s sequencer, it’s synth engine is great, drums are wicked and the FX are pretty lush. I also take it on the train and travelling and it’s ability to be battery powered is a really deluxe feature. I think the Volca Keys is amazing though, way deeper than it initially appears and really comes to life with a few fx. I know my ESX has already become a classic, but I feel the VKeys is a future hall of famer. I’ll see how I feel after I get my hands on the Sub37 though.

7. Where can we check out your tunes?
I’m on most of the social medias right now.
For my current hardware jam videos and a number of Volca Sample tutorials you can find me on YouTube.

I also do loads of studio photos, synth art, videos and demo my future tracks on Instagram.

You can find my DAW productions on my SoundCloud profile:

You can get at my music and take it with you for free on Bandcamp too!

And all of it is shared on my Facebook page of course!

I’m currently sitting on 4 EPs worth of music so expect to see loads of fresh beats uploaded in the very near future too :) I love hardware and talking music so if you comment on any of my platforms I’m usually well keen for starting a discussion!

Happy music making :D


Red Dog Music Sunday Spotlight is your chance to get your music in front of the world, and our chance to discover some great new sounds. If you want to be featured in this weekly column, you can get all the details here.

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