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HK Audio Linear 5 PA Systems uncovered

HK Audio Linear 5 PA Systems uncovered

As a music store servicing bands of all shapes and sizes, our search for a PA manufacturer that would deliver on every stage was a long and arduous journey. It was at the NAMM show of 2015 that we were fortunate enough to experience the German-manufactured HK Audio Linear Series of PA Bundles.

The Linear 5 range that interested our team were complete Active PA Systems that could be expanded with additional active speakers or reduced for smaller venues. HK Audio even offer a Linear 5 Monitor solution delivering premium quality with an unbelievable price tag.

HK Audio PA Systems

The first system on the table is the HK Audio L5 Club Pack which, like the entire Linear 5 range, is a fast plug-and-play solution. The Club Pack consists of 4 powered speakers with 2 x L5112 FA powered High/Mid cabs and 2 x L Sub 1200A powered subs. The Linear 5 Club Pack is ideal for audiences of around 250 people (depending on the room). The Subs are rated at 1200 Watt program each and the Tops at 1000 Watt program each at 126dB utilizing the built in HK Audio Class D amplification units. The system also includes poles and covers and can be expanded with a passive sub. For smaller venues such as pubs simply either leave one of the L Sub 1200A’s at home or if the audience is little awkward just take the tops!

The next system step on the ladder is the HK Audio L5 Rock Pack, my personal favourite. The HK Rock Pack is a Club Pack with the addition of a Passive L Sub 1200 which is driven by the amp in the Active HK Sub in the system. Simply put, prepare for a kick in the chest! As with all HK Linear Band System you receive free tough covers, cables and tilt poles. The tilt poles will help you hit the first 3 rows if the system is on a stage. The Linear 5 Rock Pack is aimed at audiences around the 350 mark, again depending on the room.  As a system the Rock Pack can deliver over 5000 Watt program with maximum SPL of over 130 dB, that is the punch in the chest right there!

The HK Linear 5 Sub 1200 is a sneaky box! Believe it or not it utilises 2 x 10” speakers with the Linear 5 112FA has a 12” driver and 1” HF driver. I can see what you may be thinking; “surely there is no bottom end! Nobody puts 10” drivers in subs!” Well think again, those clever Germans did and the outcome is jaw dropping!

The next system in the range is the HK Audio L5 Power Pack, the DJ PA System to beat all systems. This step up sees the arrival of the L Sub 2000 active subwoofer which incorporate 2 x 12” drivers which carry a maximum SPL of 132dB, now we are getting serious. The Linear 5 Power Pack can be re-voiced, like every Linear PA System, by flicking a couple of switches on the back, within moments you have a punchy band rig. The Power Pack consists of a pair of L5 112XA tops (wedged back) and a pair of L Sub 2000A’s. I would advise buying castors for the subs, very cheap and makes life a lot easier. Again the Power Pack PA System is delivered with poles and protective covers. This HK PA System should keep 350 people smiling.

And finally we arrive at the pièce de résistance, the HK Audio L5 Big Venue Pack. Consisting of 2 x Linear 5 115FA Mid/Tops and 4 x L Sub 2000A, that is 8 x 12” sub drivers which, as you could guess, moves some serious air! Aimed at venues holding around 600 people and a calculated power rating of 6,800 Watt the Linear 5 Big Venue Pack is the dream PA System for a touring band. The system can be assembled in minutes and delivers high SPL (over 133dB) and amazing throw. The system can be easily expanded by adding another pair of L Sub 2000A and a pair of L5 115FA giving 4 x top and 6 sub system, now you’re smiling aren’t you?

A recent addition to the family is the HK Audio Linear L5 Monitor Pack that consists of 3 x L5 112XA wedges (12” speaker + 1” driver) including covers. Simply put, it’s a wedge with 1000 Watt Class D delivering 136 dB Max SPL Peak. An EQ switch allows the L5 112XA to become a full range/top box or wedge at the flick of a switch.

So now you have the facts start to get creative: A Big Venue Pack for front of house and a L5 Monitor Pack is the perfect solution for your 5-piece band and will handle most venues. The L5 112XA’s can be used as “side fills” if you prefer, at 1000 Watt program per box your stage sound will rock and the singer can have the 3rd monitor at the front of the stage. The possibilities are endless!

A couple of important facts that I haven’t mentioned; Linear 5 cabinets are made out of birch multiplex and are mountable using standards M8 rigging points. All are finished with acrylic enamel black paint which is simple to touch up if scratched on dry hire! Powered HK Audio Linear Speakers are delivered with free mains cables or speakon cables with the passive L Sub 1200.

For full specifications and system pricing visit the HK Audio product pages on the Red Dog Music web site.

To hear the range of HK Audio Linear 5 Band PA Systems, visit Red Dog Music Leeds or Red Dog Music Edinburgh, both stores have systems wired and ready to go.

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