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How do I install my Eurorack modular case and power supply?

How do I install my Eurorack modular case and power supply?

If you’re new to the world of Eurorack modular synthesis, the journey might seem like it’s over before it’s begun, as you’re faced with myriad options of case and power supply. And all that before you’ve even touched a module!

Well, Molten Modular’s Robin Vincent has the walk-through guide that might be just the thing for you. In the latest two installments of his video series that follows his journey into the wide-world of modular, Robin covers his journey in choosing a case and power supply, and getting things all ready to accept a module or two.

With that done, the modular journey is ready to begin in style!

Episode 4 – choosing a modular case

Episode 5 – putting together the Eurorack case and power supply

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