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The sE X1 S – say hello to a great new condenser microphone

The sE X1 S – say hello to a great new condenser microphone

The sE X1 S is the latest iteration of the best-selling X1 condenser microphone. The X1 was a hugely popular microphone with good reason – it offered incredible performance at an equally incredible price. Now, the sE X1 S takes that baton and runs with it.

sE Electronics X1 S MicrophoneIntroducing the sE X1 S Condenser Microphone

As you can see, the form factor of the sE X1 S hasn’t changed too much from the original X1, and why should it? It does the job well, it looks appropriately classy and that black finish keeps it low key, perfect for when you’re recording live and don’t want the mics too apparent to any audience.

Where the sE X1 S wins though, is with how it brings in a hand-manufactured capsule with a thoroughly useful set of features for just £149. That’s a bit special.

sE X1 S features

A choice of two frequencies for the high-pass filter – 80 Hz or 160 Hz – might not be something you use every day, but you’ll be glad it’s there for the days that you do need that flexibility.

When it comes to putting the X1 S in front of something loud, it has you covered, letting you switch in a 10 dB or a 20 dB pad to keep those downstream signal levels in check.

The metal body of the mic not only makes the mic look great, it also helps reject all those stray signals that can be responsible for noises you don’t want in your recordings, and a gold-plated XLR connector looks after your signal as it leaves the mic.

The sE X1 S ships with a swivel mic clip and a thread adapter so you’re good to go on your mic stand. However, as with the previous X1, the X1 S also ships as the X1 S Vocal Pack – which includes a shockmount and popscreen – and as the X1 S Studio Bundle, which takes the Vocal Pack and adds the famous RFX Reflexion Filter.

I think sE might have another best-seller on their hands with this one…

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